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I’ve been thinking a great deal about paranormal experiences lately. In THE KING’S VAMPIRE, Elizabeth’s husband Sir Michael Horbury makes her a vampire and steals her soul. While vampires and shape-shifters are a part of the paranormal that doesn’t truly exist, I believe there are many aspects of the paranormal that are quite real. I think for many of us who are fascinated with vampires and other magical creatures, we like  clear lines to be drawn between good and evil and we want good to always triumph. One of my best friends from childhood, Linda, compared the bloodlust of the vampires to our private battles with our own personal demons and I thought it was a great metaphor. Linda is a handwriting analyst, or a graphologist, to be more precise, and she has a great handle on the human psyche. I hope to have her as a guest soon.

There’s a great link by Katheryn Orzech, author, from the Nights of Passion blog that describes a lot of paranormal experiences that people from around the world have had at: http://www.dreamwatch.com/index.html  Nights of Passion: http://nightsofpassion.wordpress.com is a great blog written by six authors who all happen to be fabulous writers as well as incredibly interesting women.

I remember a few days before my mother died  she told me that the night before she’d had a dream about her sister, Joyce, who had died of cancer about ten years earlier. My mother described a beautiful field of wildflowers and my Aunt Joyce was with her, and they were both amazed about the beauty of this field of flowers. My mother told me how these flowers smelled of jasmine and honeysuckle. This memory came to her because I had brought Mom some flowers for Valentine’s Day that very day and she had clasped my face between her palms and said, “Pretty, pretty.” I was never quite sure if she’d meant me or the flowers, but I always hoped she’d meant me.

Four days later my mother died after we had left her sleeping peacefully in her bed in the assisted living facility where she resided. I always imagine that she’s now reunited with her sister. I feel her sister was preparing a place for her. Sometimes, even now, I feel as though my mother is taking my hand and saying, “Don’t worry, I’ll help you now.”

Below is my aunt.

z7This is my mom.

If you have any paranormal experiences to share I’d love to hear from you, just leave a message. Have a great day!




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