D*** if it’s not a small world after all!


10 Gloria, Brenda, Angie

4 Bren, John, Jackie, Bobbi, Tiff, Jen, James

This week I had the pleasure of hooking up with a good friend of mine from California because she’d come to Florida with her daughter & granddaughters for the U.S.  National Baton Twirling Championship. Jackie and I became friends in California when our girls were young since they were both involved in baton twirling. I sort of ‘kidnapped’ Jackie from her daughter Jennifer and the grandkids so we could get away for a nice long ‘chat’ while the rest of the family were busy at Magic Kingdom. When we hooked up with Jen and her daughters, I was in for a big surprise. Jen introduced me to her friend, Erika. Our eyes met sort of like in a cartoon and we both did a double-take. When I spoke, having a most distinctive voice, a bit like Minnie Mouse on steroids, Erika instantly recognized me. She went over to her mother Angie and told her that Jackie’s friend was Brenda. When Jackie saw Angie and I hugging in the middle of the Disney Store, she thought perhaps we were long-lost relatives–close–just long-lost friends.

Imagine my amazement when I realized Angie was my friend with whom I had worked with for eight years. I had not been in contact with her for over fifteen years and we fell back into our friendship immediately. I’m grateful she has kept her sharp tongue–ouch! LOL! So I wound up with a double-treat and reconnected with two close friends who had been there for me at different times in my life. Even stranger was the fact that Erika and Jen, my friends’ daughters, had become friends through their own daughters, both involved in baton twirling as well–small world indeed!

9  Judy, Janet, Angie, Gloria, and Elaine at my wedding shower. Once again my thoughts flew back to the ties of friendship that bind us together, which even time or distance cannot unravel. Seeing Angie reminded me of my first job because that’s where we met, and then I remembered how she was at my wedding to share my big day.

7  Jen, Bobbi Jo, Tiff, and Jackie at a picnic after one of the girls’ parades. I remember those great times we spent together with our families, little realizing how fast those times would go by and how soon our kids would have children of their own. My daughter would have sons, so our baton legacy would end with her.

photo (3) This is Julia and Baylee at a baton competition.    photo  This is Baylee and Julia enjoying Disney World.

Now both my friends, Jackie and Angie, are sharing friendships between their daughters and their granddaughters through their love of baton. I guess my takeaway from this experience is that time moves quickly and it’s incredibly important to nurture relationships because the memories between family and friends are the greatest treasures we’ll ever possess. And d***, it IS a small world after all.

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