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Hi Catherine & Donald. Thanks so much for stopping by today to talk about your latest release, THE PROMISED ONE. Now when you write as a team, you go by the name, C.D. Hersh, is that correct?

Yes, that is correct.

Could you tell a little about yourselves and what was the catalyst for this series?

We’ve been writing together for a little over 16 years, starting out with skits and plays for our church. We moved on to romance books because of one Catherine suggested Donald read. While reading, he said that the male characters did not act or sound like men and he thought we could write them better.

The catalyst for the series happened during a trip, where we often plot to pass the time. We were reading road signs, brainstorming book ideas. We came up with several book ideas, but the one that caught our interest came from a road sign in New York State pointing to a place called Turning Stone. That idea just took off for us.

How many books do you plan to write for The Turning Stone Chronicles?

We originally planned six but with some recent revisions in our story plan we currently see it as a five book series.

Being a husband & wife team who collaborate together on books, could you explain how that works—do you divide the writing into sections or do you work in tandem?

This varies depending on what we are writing. For our current series we are plotters. Together we lay out each character’s story arc. One of the things Donald always looks for is having two plot lines, one major and the other minor, but woven together. On our next book in the series we even have the chapters and scene changes plotted by character. Once the plotting is accomplished, Catherine sits down and fleshes out the story. Then Donald critiques each line after Catherine has it on paper. Then together we do line-by-line edits before showing to anyone.

Throughout this process we have an agreement that anything we are talking about is not about each other’s creative or writing ability, since the discussion of what a character would do can get a little heated. We’ve managed to recognize it’s just the passion about the story and that stays in the office.

I love that you write together because my husband is a writer also, but I could never get him to write something with me. Do you brainstorm together and one does the writing, or does each of you have your own characters that you write about?

While we plot out our stories, we each have the final say on certain characters. In general, Donald has final on the male and Catherine final on the female POVs.

Do you find you incorporate a bit of yourself into the female and male protagonists in your books?

Probably. Whether your characters’ actions are yours or belong to someone you know, using real people as a basis for characters’ behaviors makes them more believable.

Catherine, I know you have books out as single author, THE NARC AND THE NUN, being the latest, so does Donald have any books out written as single author?

No, Donald doesn’t and he probably won’t. Just keeping the two personas going with all the social media, writing, and life in general, keeps us both busy.

 In your Turning Stone Chronicles, you have a unique take on shape-shifters. Can you talk a little bit about that?

As we developed the book concept we decided that we wanted something different than the normal were-shape shifters. In reality, we can thank Donald’s psychology courses for the idea of the various forms of shifting. One of the psyche theories is that we all have three parts to our psyche, commonly called id, ego and super-ego. We added a twist to that theory using male, female, and animal egos, and a magic ring that could tap the various forms.

In THE PROMISED ONE, the partnership between Rhys and Alexi is extremely powerful and hits you immediately from the beginning of the book. Do you think this is a reflection of the strength within your own relationship together?

Bren, we’re laughing out loud here as we read this question. It’s not something we intended, but since our daughter said she could see us in the characters, we guess it does reflect our relationship, minus the shifting, of course. We suppose a bit of self comes out in all writers’ writing, at some point.

Kind of glad that you don’t shift–although it would be cool to see. LOL! Its a great read, so could you give a little preview about THE PROMISED ONE?

 Thank you, Bren. We’re glad you enjoyed it.


ThePromisedOne2Since you commented about Rhys and Alexi’s relationship, we thought we’d give you a brief look at those characters.


Tucking his gift under her arm, she started to leave.


“Hey.” He pointed at the other gifts. “Aren’t you going to add yours?”


“Nope. I’ll give it to you later, when we’re alone.”


“Ooh. Something special. Mineral or animal?” His right eyebrow raised, his smile growing.


Alexi laughed. “Just embarrassing.”


“For you or for me?”


“I’m not telling.”

Sidling close to her, he backed her against the wall. “Come on. Just a hint,” he said, a purr in his tone as he placed his hand on the wall next to her shoulder and moved into her personal space with the ease of a lover. One of his famous melt-the-girl looks smoldered in his gaze. The golden flecks in his green eyes lit up like fireworks. Hot fireworks.


Enjoying his closeness and the raw sensuality emanating from him, she lingered for a minute, then slowly moved away. Standing this close she could get burned, and she wasn’t ready to play with fire . . . not yet. She shook her head. “Not a chance.”


He crossed his arms, obviously irked that she hadn’t succumbed. “My irresistible charms work on everyone else. Why not you?”


Oh, if you only knew. She had to fight to resist him. She flashed him a smile. “Because I’m special. And I’m your partner. Keeping your back safe is more important than getting you on your back.”


He laughed, a deep, throaty, and utterly sexy sound.


She locked her knees to keep from melting into a puddle.


“I like the sound of that.”


Of course you would. She felt her face flame.


Donald and Catherine, Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by.

 Thank you for inviting us, Bren. It’s been fun.

Could you give the links on how to purchase your book or learn more about you?

We’d love to.

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