What would our lives be like if we’d never had pets in our lives???



Some people are ‘cat’ people, while others are ‘dog’ people, but as can be seen from the pictures, I was definitely a cat/dog person. I think one of the more interesting things I noticed in the photos where there is both a cat and a dog, it’s easy to see the ‘sibling’ rivalry that went on between animals. In the top left photo, Scamper is pretty much implying, ‘leave that mangy cat alone and play with me.’ In the photo below where Pepe is dancing on his hind legs, I can see Tom is thinking, ‘I could do that too, I just don’t want to make a fool of myself.’

Those pets in the pictures  were part of my life growing up. From left to right: Scamper, Thom, Pee-Wee, (actually my brother’s dog) Pepe, Tom, and Missy. Rather like Willy Nelson, these are some of the animals I have ever loved. (yes, I know Willy was talking about women, but you get the idea)

I recall once when I was eleven, my dog Pepe, who is the little tan dog on his hind legs, got in a fight with a much bigger dog. He had a huge wound in his stomach and I remember crying and crying because I knew my parents wouldn’t pay for a vet to save my dog. My brother was eighteen and worked at a market part-time and went to college as well. I remember him taking me in his arms, which is something people in my family did not do, and told me not to cry, that he would pay the vet bill. Well, I did stop crying and he did take my dog to the vet and Pepe lived happily for several more years. The curious thing is I have such a clear memory of that specific episode, and yet, I wonder if my brother remembers it at all. Maybe if he reads this, the memory will come back to him as well.

The pictures below are of my cat, Cicero, (who was practically all white with a solid black tail–kids in the neighborhood used to talk about that one!) my dog, Nooks, (who had a digging fetish, I got nervous when the hole he dug started measuring about my size LOL!) and my beloved, Toto. (of course he was the vampire dog, Charlie, in my book, The King’s Vampire)


z5 And while some of the pictures are fuzzy, as are some of my memories, I still remember how important those pets were to me and how comforting it was when I held them in my arms and knew their love was always unconditional. Whenever things got really scary, those cuddly animals brought comfort in ways even my family and friends couldn’t always do. I think what I loved most about my pets was that even if they didn’t realize what scared or threatened me, they felt no fear themselves and all they did was offer up their love. It’s easy to understand why pets often feel like children because they provide companionship, love, and loyalty that simply can’t be questioned. To be honest, I enjoy thinking and writing about animals. I suspect there will be more animal posts in my future and I hope my musings bring back memories of your special pets. I’ll never forget how my brother saved my dog for me, even though it might not have meant the same to him as it did to me. While we lived our lives together in the same house, the experiences we shared and remember today might not be the same at all.

If you have a special memory of a pet, I’d love you to comment on it on my post, or share it with me on Facebook. Thanks for stopping by.




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