I always loved a parade!



This is  a picture of the Tracy Royal Majestics. A picture taken more years ago than I can hardly imagine. Bobbi Jo, Lee, Jen, and Tiff made up this group. I remember loving to watch them march, twirl, spin two or three times and then still catch a baton. I thrilled to see them twirling two or three batons at a time, thinking that I could barely toss a ball in the air and catch it! Needless to say, I was amazed at their coordination and timing.


I think the kids enjoyed the celebrations more after the parades, when we would have picnics or go to carnivals or even ride the cable car in San Francisco. It was a time of fun and excitement and yet it passed so quickly, we all hardly realized when it disappeared. I know I had a lot of fun at those activities with my friends and family and I can only hope the kids, who are now adults, have good memories of the things we did, although I must admit our little drummer boy chooses to remain anonymous even after all this time.


Life is mostly full of moments, and sometimes we worry so much about things that never happen or just get so caught up in our hectic lives  we forget to seize those moments and cherish them for the special memories they will become much quicker than we might have expected. I would  like to say ‘cheers’ to those kids who worked so hard and yet had so much fun doing it. I do think that Tiff still starts trembling when she hears ‘Rocking Around The Christmas Tree’ because they did their Christmas routine to that song more times than she would care to count, but Jen has carried on the tradition by having her own girls twirl and compete quite successfully in baton competitions. Below and on the left is a picture of Jen’s daughter standing next to her friend at a competition they competed in at the national level.

photo (3)

Thanks for stopping by, and remember to hold those moments close to your heart, because moments are all we have.









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