. . . “For he who is least among you–he is the greatest.” Luke 9:48 NIV An excerpt from LIFE OF A BABY BOOMER



The top picture is of Steve’s mom Mary and Steve. The picture below is Steve’s brother Bill and Steve.

Here is another excerpt from my husband’s book, LIFE OF A BABY BOOMER. I have always¬†admired my husband’s abilities to overcome many childhood hardships and sometimes I like to share them because I know many people who have experienced their own childhood traumas and have overcome them through their faith and the strength of the human spirit. This one’s for you all.

Excerpt from LIFE OF A BABY BOOMER by Steve Stinnett:

We had no sooner settled into our new home in Compton, when I had to learn how to adjust to having a stepfather, and, having never had a real father, I found this a challenge which quickly turned into a brand new terror. Also, at the age of four, I entered kindergarten at Henry Wordsworth Longfellow Elementary School and my journey on the short bus began.

When I left my grandparents’ house, I felt least among the least living in the house with my mother and my new stepfather. It is often said that eighty percent of all families are dysfunctional. I have to say with all humility that I believe my family was in the top ten percent.

At this time, I sensed that someone above was looking out for me when I felt most vulnerable and frightened. In time of trouble, someone wrapped invisible arms around me when I was most scared. I knew there was a power much greater than me, although it was something I was too young to understand yet.

Weekends were the worst time for me. My brother would leave me alone with my parents when he went to visit our dad. Of course I was never allowed to visit my dad, even though I never really understood why. On Saturday nights, I’d hear the argument between my mother and stepfather grow louder the more my stepfather drank.

When I heard the slaps from my stepfather and the cries from my mother, terror crept across my back and then snuck into my small chest,  making it hard for me to breathe. I imagined myself rushing into the kitchen and bravely saving my mother, but I was only four years old. Each time I heard my mother fall to the floor, it felt like I was the one being knocked down.

Pressed up tight against the bedroom wall, the fear I felt nearly convulsed me with terror until I felt a hand, a gentle hand like my grandpa’s hand, a carpenter’s hand, touch my heart and tell me to be still. Then the slaps and cries faded away and I knew things would be all right. I was surrounded by a love that I didn’t quite understand, but I wrapped my arms around myself and rocked myself to sleep, comforted.


If you’re interested in reading more, Steve’s book can be purchased on Amazon Kindle as well as B & N’s Nook.

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