Excerpt from Life of a Baby Boomer


Below are pictures of Steve’s brother, Steve, and his mother. I am posting another excerpt from his book, “Life of a Baby Boomer.” I have had some people tell me they enjoy seeing the pictures that go with the story, so here they are.

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Another pleasant memory I have is of my mother taking my brother and I to Long Beach. Since my stepfather didn’t swim, we went while he was at work, driving straight down Cherry Blvd. to Cherry Beach next to the Long Beach Pike, where there was a boardwalk amusement park with a roller coaster, a double-Ferris wheel, and all the other typical seaside rides and attractions. Before we’d get to the beach, we’d stop at the Mobile gas station and get free inner-tubes, then blow them up at the air pumps. We’d use these inner tubes as wave riders.

When we’d play out in the surf, I remember thinking there was no one more beautiful than my mother. In her early thirties, tall and slender, with long auburn hair flowing down her back, she looked more like a young girl than a mother playing with her two sons. She was fearless when it came to swimming in the ocean. She’d laugh with joyous abandon when the surf knocked us down, and the three of us would pick ourselves up and rush back out into the ocean.

It was the perfect metaphor for our life: we kept getting knocked down, but we’d always get back up. To see this lovely, laughing lady, no one would ever imagine she’d be taking her children home to an abusive stepfather, a husband who beat her without mercy. Fear could have destroyed us, but it was faith that kept us from being defeated.

My husband suffered many traumatic experiences at the hand of his stepfather. I am proud of the man Steve became in spite of the cruelties of his father. Through faith and perseverance he overcame many hardships growing up. I realize that many others have suffered childhood abuse and bullying and have still managed to form meaningful relationships and live full, happy lives. God looks out for us all and I admire those who have been knocked down by the waves of life, but still keep getting back up. Kudos!

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Happy, happy birthday, Becky!


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I hope you have a wonderful birthday Becky! You came into my life and I came into yours when you were just three years old and I married your Dad. I’m amazed at the way time has passed so quickly and I’m proud to see the wonderful woman you’ve become.



As you were growing up, we watched you mature and become your own person. Family times would never have been as much fun if you hadn’t been there to share them with us. Having a stepmom is certainly not always Brady Bunch-perfect, but I’m glad that I got to share many of the important moments in your life and that you allowed me in.

Your dad and I are very proud of all the things you’ve achieved and are so  happy that you married a wonderful man and now have two fine sons of your own. I remember that beautiful day in Tahoe when you and Pete said your vows. How magical it was when the string quartet played Vivaldi for us–especially when none of us knew why they were playing. But it did seem that they were rejoicing in yours and Pete’s marriage.



Time keeps moving on and I know there will be many more achievements and milestones in your life and I hope that your dad and I can be there to share them with you. I hope you have the most wonderful birthday that you truly deserve, Becky. Again, I’m glad that God allowed us to be a part of one another’s life. Life is an adventure and I’m sure there’s much more in store for you. Happy birthday, dear Becky, happy birthday to you!


Brenda & Dad

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Happy Birthday Dear Tiff, Happy Birthday to You!



It looks like you and your cousins are all going to party like it’s 1999! Wait a minute–it’s already past that! Why does it seem like it went by in a heartbeat? You were our little girl and we treasure all those special moments when you were growing up. Who knew they would pass so quickly?tf5t10tf3


On the morning you were born, I remember when the nurse put you in my arms, you quieted down like an angel. It was one of the happiest days
of my life. I am lucky enough this year to be able to celebrate your birthday with you in Denton, Texas.  Time has flown so quickly by, it’s difficult to remember we’ve long past our Starsky and Hutch days, and the world has changed so much since then.



It seems like only yesterday when I’d walk you to your first day of school each year, and you’d be excited, but a little bit nervous, too. No matter how nervous you were though, the love of learning always remained in you. Then more time passed, and you became a teenager. (Shudder) LOL! But hold on, I don’t think it was quite THAT long ago when you were a teenager!



Life sped up, as is its way, and you graduated from high school, and then the Air Force Academy. There you were lucky enough to meet the man you wanted to spend the rest of your life with. Even after your marriage, you continued your education, and had two wonderful sons as well. Your dad and I want you to know we are proud of the way you’ve lived your life. You have been blessed with a great husband and sons, and you deserve all the good things in your life.


So, just wanted to take this time to say we’re so glad that you’re our daughter, and we love all the happy times we’ve shared as a family. Have a wonderful birthday, and we pray that God fulfills all your hopes and dreams. Happy birthday to you!



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Today I’m lucky enough to have fabulous J.R. Richardson talking about her paranormal release, Cursed be the Wicked on Thursday Threads.



Today I’m very excited to have J.R. Richardson here, and she’s got some cool stuff to win at Rafflecopter Giveaway. Yay!

Cursed be the Wicked, by J.R.Richardson

Genre – Paranormal Mystery Romance

Heat Level ­ Sensual

Release Date: March 5, 2014


Cooper Shaw lives his life under a pen name and enjoys the anonymity it provides during his

journeys across the globe as a seasoned writer for a travel magazine. When his job lands him in

his hometown of Salem, Massachusetts to cover the famous Festival of the Dead, he soon

realizes that he can’t stay invisible forever as he faces ghosts from a past he’s been trying to

forget ever since he left.

The city holds nothing but bad memories for Coop until he meets a quirky young woman with an

old soul and curious insights by the name of Finnley Pierce. While she acts as his tour guide

through a town he thought he knew, Finn helps him unearth the truth of his childhood and might

even begin to open up his heart.

By unraveling the mystery of his father’s murder, Coop may finally accept who he is, where he

came from, and perhaps even realize what he wants for his future.



“I came by Geneva’s to see you this morning,” I tell her. She slides her hands inside my jacket,

around my waist. She holds us together tighter.

“You did?” There’s a smile in her voice. I grin but she can’t see it.

“I’ve gotten used to starting my days out with you in them.”

“You have?” She leans back to look at me. She’s stunned although I have no idea why. I’ve been

so transparent even a bat could see through me the past few days.

“Yeah,” I tell her, “I have.” I brush the hair out of her face. Even through the rainfall I can see the

blush in her cheeks. This is the most vulnerable I’ve seen Finn since Geneva’s, when she thanked

me for handling Dan.

“Most people don’t like the way I’m so pushy sometimes,” she says. “They find it offensive. Some

might even say I’ve got a smart mouth. Too smart for my own good, blah blah blah.”

She trails off at the end there and I laugh at the way she thinks I’m buying that none of it bothers


“Come to think of it, you did say something I found offensive yesterday,” I tell her half serious. She

looks hurt but I can’t stop the smirk from spreading across my face as I back her up against the

nearest tree.

She’s caught off guard by the move, I can hear it in the way her breath hitches. “What was that?”

She tries to recover but she fails.

“I believe the term you used was friends,” I tell her, narrowing my eyes. Her lips part, just barely.

She swallows something down then clears her throat.

“Isn’t that what we are?”

I move my head from side to side. “I don’t think so, Finn.”



<iframe width=”400″ height=”275″ src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/B7UnPtcBVfg”

frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Direct Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7UnPtcBVfg


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Buy link:  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00ISBVAJI


About the author:

A writer of stories and lover of life.

Jo grew up in Maryland with four siblings, three parents and an endless number of cousins within

the vicinity. Today she lives in Florida with her two girls and a husband that shares her same

sense of humor and basic take on life as we know it.

Life is too short to put dreams on the back burner.

She’s always loved writing, and always enjoys a good mystery, so in 2012, Jo wrote a novel that

was picked up by the good people at Soul Mate Publishing.


Where you can find Jo:

Website: http://jrrichardsonfics.wordpress.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JRRichardsonAuthor

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JoFictionFreak

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/JRRichardson

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Let’s hear it for Grandmas!!!


Maddy, Jakey, Grandma LindaOllie & Gaga


There are many things I love about Facebook friends and one of those things is maintaining connections with friends even when we live clear across the country from one another.  I love looking at pictures of my friends’ grandchildren, children, pets, gardens, and their travels. This post is to salute those grandmas who give so much of their time to ensure their grandchildren have a loving environment when their parents are busy at work.

I have friends who are grandmas who babysit their grandchildren on a regular basis. It’s easy to see by the sparkle in those grandmas’ eyes that their grandchildren are the light of their life. I admire these women tremendously because not only do they take care of their grandchildren, they both manage to maintain their own busy personal lives as well.

My friend, Linda, pictured at the top of the page, is an incredibly busy graphologist, which is a handwriting analyst for those who did not read my interview with Linda a few months back.  In basic courses she teaches students who start out being interested in learning about themselves, so their study of handwriting analysis may start as a hobby but then they  may want to pursue a career using graphology. In the international online sessions  Linda conducts weekly, there are all levels of expertise with participants pursuing a variety of goals; some are hobbyists, some are experts who make a living with graphology, others are working toward a certification in handwriting analysis. My point is that Linda is a woman involved in many activities, and yet she finds time to take care of her grandchildren when her own children need her. If anyone recalls how very demanding young children can be, they can appreciate how admirable that is.

My friend, Jackie, is in the lower pictures. She not only takes care of her grandchildren, but  she wasn’t quite ready to entirely give up the teaching profession when she retired so she substitute teaches part-time. I substitute taught before I became a full-time teacher, and trust me, there are very few jobs as challenging and tiring as  a substitute teacher. So it’s easy to understand the admiration and respect I have for these women. I asked them to share some of their ‘favorite’ stories about them and their grandchildren.


Grandma Stories


I’m the on and off babysitter because of my substitute teaching.  Grandpa John, above, is  inseparable with the youngest .  The youngest is like having a little Shirley Temple around.  She has her cute little sayings…she loves to tell about the “Wolf”!  “Little Pig, Little Pig, let me come in! Or I’ll huff and puff and blow your house in!”  Then she tells about the pigs’ answer and then blows as hard as she can.  It is priceless! John and I love to see her come out dressed up in princess dresses and high heels.  She loves the “Frozen” dolls, Ann and Elsa right now.  When they took her to Subway to eat, she got a little “Frozen” purse bag with her lunch.  She thought she’d received the prize of all prizes!  Grandpa John loves to take her to Savemart to get free cookies.

The two older girls are  so much fun to watch growing up.  It is like watching our daughter grow up all over again!  Jen got their report cards yesterday.  They both had a super report card!  I love to watch all their performances.  The baton and dance competitions are so much fun!  I guess you could say that there are the moments when John is called upon (about once a week) to go and look for Julia’s glasses.  Freiler has called to say Julia does not have her glasses.  She still wears her contacts, but switches off.  I suppose you could call us the “on call” grandparents. LOL!  I tell John that they are our babies, too. Well, Brenda, I could go on and on . . .

Grandma Stories



Ollie (14 months) and “Gaga”


I care for Ollie two days per week now. Garbage day is one of Ollie’s favorites.  When he hears the big trucks coming, he starts making excited noises to go watch them dump the garbage.  He has a “dog-dog” named Tanner who he is getting to know better, now that he can walk.  He chases Tanner, puts his food in his water, gives Tanner all kinds of gifts on his bed, including Mum Mums, toys, and books.  Tanner gives the warning growl, not too sure of what Ollie will try to do next, and Ollie, having no fear at all, just laughs at him.  His must hold on to Tanner’s leash as we walk to the park and swings, another favorite.  Even though Ollie can’t talk yet, he knows how to respond when I ask, “Are you done?” He just energetically shakes his head NO, so I just give him another push on the swing as his face lights up with a big smile. He loves for me to sing and rock him to sleep and, when he awakens, he stands up in his crib and says, “GA GA”.


Maddy (6), Jakey (3) and Grandma Linda


I cared for Maddy daily until she was one year old. We loved taking our daily walks to the bagel shop about a mile away.  Maddy, too, loved garbage day when we could watch all the trucks at work dumping the big garbage cans which were all along our walking route.  The people at the bagel shop loved her visits and the owner made special small bagels for her, even though she could only just chew on them.

Last summer, when Maddy and Jakey were out of school, I cared for them two days per week.  We loved feeding the huge flock of geese at the park, making trips to the library, reading books, swimming and baking.  One of the funny things they used to do while getting ready for bed was to take all their clothes off and run back and forth through the house until they were exhausted.  Well, guess what.  Now that Ollie can run, he has been doing the same thing at his house, running naked in the hallway after his bath with his monkey hooded towel hanging from his head like a cape.  It’s hilarious!

It’s wonderful to hear these stories about some amazing experiences these grandmas have shared with their grandchildren. I’m sure there are some grandmas out there who are like me and do not live close to their grandchildren. We still have our precious moments with our grandchildren, and maybe we treasure them even more because they do not occur so frequently. I just know that I see so many postings of the grandchildren of my friends on Facebook and I can relate to the pride and joy they feel in sharing.

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