Happy Mother’s Day to Everyone! Moms, Daughters, and Sons, too! We’ve all had moms!



Happy Mother’s Day to you all! The previous link gives some interesting facts about Mother’s Day you may not know. The first Mother’s Day was officially May 9, 1914.  Above is a picture of my grandma, and my mom with her mother. Below is me and my mom, and my daughter, grandson, husband, and me. Mother’s Day is a time to take a moment to appreciate the women in our lives who have helped make us who we are today. Or, I guess we can blame them for who we are, too, but I suppose then we wouldn’t be celebrating.  Mother/daughter relationships aren’t always perfect, and sometimes, Mother’s Day can be sort of pressuring, as if it’s impossible to live up to all those Hallmark cards. I know in my new book, Tenth Degree of the Paranormal, mother/daughter relationships play an important part in the storyline. But I do know one thing for certain from my own experience, and that’s when our mothers pass away, we wish we had the chance for that perfect moment when we could tell them how much they meant to us. No matter what age we are, I think we always want to feel that our mothers are around for us.


Below there’s a picture of Steve and his brother Bill with his grandpa, grandma, and mom. Is that sailor boy adorable, or what? I realize his relationship was much more complicated with his mother, and sometimes, his grandma seemed more like his mother to him. I know that Becky and Tiff were much closer to their great-grandma than their grandma on Steve’s side of the family.


Above is Becky and Tiff with their dad and their great-grandma, and Tiff and I in Hawaii.

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Above is me with Becky and her family, and Tiff and I with her boys. When our daughters become moms themselves, they promise themselves to do all those things differently they thought we never got quite right. Families are complicated structures, and sometimes, Mother’s Day can confuse it further. I have many friends who have never been mothers themselves, and their mothers have passed on. They might feel that Mother’s Day is not their holiday, but I know these women are wonderful, nurturing people who have been like a mother to students, patients, relatives, or pets, or any number of other people in their lives. And every man I know had a mother. Anna Jarvis conceived of Mother’s Day in 1905 after the death of her own mother. She wanted Mother’s Day to be a way of honoring the sacrifices mothers make for their children. Anna Jarvis was never married and had no children of her own. So I want to say happy Mother’s Day to everyone, because a mother has been part of all our lives, no matter who we are. Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.



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