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Thanks so much for stopping by. To enter the contest, you’ll need to make a comment on this webpage so I can contact you and mail your prize to you. I’ll write the names from the comments and draw for the prize winners. The necklace and earrings are designed by J. Vamm in Historical Charleston. Other prizes are a $50 Amazon gift certificate, Tenth Degree T-shirts and cups, as well as other cool stuff like my books! The contest starts today, Saturday, May 17th, and will run until Sunday midnight, May 18th. You’ll be notified if you’re a winner via e-mail. The contest is officially over. Congrats to: Kim, Sarah K., Karenna C., Gina G., Sarah, Robin, Mel, and Rosemarie. Thanks to all of you who stopped by and made comments!

Tenth Degree of the Paranormal is a paranormal suspense with romantic elements. It’s actually a book that means a lot to me because I actually started it when my own daughter was twelve, which is the same age as the young girl in the book. It has morphed over time, with multi-layered themes, dealing with mother/daughter relationships, forgiveness, and the age-old battle of good against evil. I love when people read it and get what’s between the lines. It’s now out in both Kindle and hard copy!

Blurb from Tenth Degree of the Paranormal: Paranormal suspense

We thought the Cold War was over, but apparently not for Barbara and Tiffany Stevens in Tenth Degree of the Paranormal, it could be a battle to the death.

Whether a hunch, intuition, or something more sinister, Barbara knew she had no choice. Self-deception was no longer an option—comfortable but not an option. She knew each denial she’d ever made left a scar on her soul, each more painful than the last.

An epic battle between good and evil pits a mother who struggles to deny her paranormal powers against a megalomaniac intent on world destruction.

Barbara Stevens has always struggled with her inexplicable powers. Her unwillingness to acknowledge her pent-up abilities has not stopped her young daughter Tiffany from exercising her own powers.

Recruited by a group intent on honing and harvesting these paranormal powers to create a super race, Barbara and Tiffany are soon kidnapped and held on an island off the coast of Russia.

Suspicion soon grows that Tiffany may, in fact, manifest the ten highest paranormal abilities of astral projection, aura reading, bio-energy transference, levitation, past life regression, precognition, spontaneous healing, telekinesis, and telepathy.

If proven true, Tiffany’s abilities will trigger an opening to the gates of hell. But can this descent into evil be stopped in time?

Excerpt from Tenth Degree of the Paranormal:

The roar of surf pounded in Barbara’s ears, and the freezing salt spray stung her face. Rain poured down in solid sheets as she raced across the beach. Drenched, she felt a chill ice over her heart. A nameless evil lurked on the beach, insidious and powerful, and there was no doubt Tiffany was its prey.

Above her head, a thumping roar that sounded like a frightened heartbeat drowned out the surf. She paused in midflight to watch a helicopter appear out of nowhere. It seemed ready to crash on the beach. She held her breath until the rotors started up again, and sand blasted her face. The prop wash left her blinded by grit and rain.

The helicopter landed, and Barbara ran away from it. Lightning ripped the sky, while the thunder blended with the whirring of blades. She paused, trying to get her bearings.

Tiffany shouted, and Barbara looked around, praying she’d spot her daughter. They were angry. Were they mad because she’d used her powers? This crazy puzzle must fit together somehow.

She needed to think. Again, she heard Tiffany’s voice, but this time, her daughter cried out a clear warning. Before Barbara reacted, someone grabbed her, and she tumbled into the sand. Too late, she screamed.

I hope you enjoyed this excerpt from my book and good luck in the contest. The contest ends midnight, tomorrow, so make those comments now so I’ll be able to contact you when you win. Tenth Degree of the Paranormal was truly a labor of love for me, so I certainly hope you enjoy it. The King’s Vampire is now in hardcopy as well at Amazon. Both books can be ordered from Barnes & Noble.

Your support for my writing means a lot to me. Thanks for stopping by.


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