Egypt–An Amazing Place Built to Exist for Thousands & Thousands of Years–So Far–So Good!


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I can’t believe it was over ten years ago when we took our oldest grandson on a cruise down the Nile. He wasn’t quite ten then and he was an amazing traveler. He never complained and took in everything like a sponge. He was fascinated with the ancient Egyptian culture, as many of us were, or perhaps still are.


The pyramid on the right was the earlier style of a ziggurat, perhaps patterned from the temples of the ancient Assyrians or Babylonians. It’s amazing that these structures have remained for thousands of years, in spite of turmoil and strife that continues in Egypt today. Egypt was one of the most advanced civilizations, giving us medical science, preservation of the dead, and Akhenaton who introduced the idea of monotheism, or one God. We have so much information about the ancient Egyptians because they intended their artwork to exist for eternity, so far so good, they packed well for the afterlife in their tombs with the thought they could take it with them, and they had a form of writing as long as 5,000 years ago.


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The idea that the ancient ways still combine with modern technology can still blow your mind. I fear for this wonderful, tumultuous country, fearful that intolerance will tear apart the mighty ancient culture that, so far, has refused to disappear into the sands of time.


Seriously, without technology, how could they build such enormous structures? It’s mind-boggling! But in spite of the greatness, I fear for Egypt. When we were there ten years ago, the people took pride in their tolerance and secularism. But now there are some resorting to the Dark Ages. One Egyptian, Kerolos Shawky, ‘accidentally’ liked a Christian page on Facebook. http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Peace/2014/06/25/Man-Gets-6-Years-in-Egyptian-Prison-For-Liking-Christian-Facebook-Post He was fined $840 and was jailed for six years. Intolerance spreads like a virus and countries must be vigilant in pro-tolerance for all beliefs and faiths in their countries. Ab-del Fatah El-Sisi controls Egypt, and I fear for future generations that might never enjoy the wonders that are Egypt. But even more, I worry about the people of Egypt themselves. These are amazing people who have a cultural past with much to be proud of and they have made amazing contributions to the rest of the world. I pray they are allowed the basic human rights due to them.



Before I wrote my book, Tenth Degree of the Paranormal, I was fortunate enough to travel to St. Petersburg, Russia, where some of my scenes took place. I had hoped to go back in September, but I wonder if our cruise ship will be able to stay in St. Petersburg as was scheduled. I hope that Glasnost isn’t kaput! The first time we traveled to Moscow and Russia, it was like a dream. I grew up during the Cold War and to be visiting these places was almost unimaginable. How sad to think that as countries, we may all be taking five steps backwards.


I pray for all countries to have basic human rights and freedoms and that we be allowed to visit any other country in safety and tolerance for everyone. Our world is much smaller than it once was and it’s imperative that we live together in peace and acceptance.

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