One of the Places I Miss Most in California–Yosemite!



Favorite pictures of Yosemite–I have a few. Memories of Yosemite–I have even more. There are so many ways to view Yosemite, and I must admit that for over more than fifty years, I have seen it in many different ways. As a kid, we’d spend what seemed like hours and hours traversing hairpin turns, only to spend about two hours there, have  a picnic, turn around, and go back home. Much to my disappointment, I searched and searched, but I couldn’t find any family photos when we visited there.

When we were first married, we stayed at Yosemite National Park in as economical way as possible, and it didn’t get much more economical than staying in their canvas tents! Once a raccoon invaded our tent. I screamed because I thought it was a bear. To be fair, it was one fat raccoon! My husband’s philosophical viewpoint was just leave it alone, and it will leave you alone.  As time moved on, we could finally afford to stay in the Yosemite Lodge. We even indulged and stayed at the Ahwannee  a few times.


It’s easy to see there’s just not one way, nor one season, to visit Yosemite Valley. I remember ever since we were married, hum–forty years ago–we’ve always managed to visit Yosemite National Park at least once a year. Although, we haven’t been for six years now because we’ve lived in Florida for that long. I remember Yosemite weather could be extreme as in really, really hot or really, really cold, but it was always a fabulous place to visit. When snowfall had been good during the winter, there was nothing like seeing those overflowing waterfalls in the spring, and nothing sadder than seeing those waterfalls, barely a trickle, during a drought. We’ve even seen the falls completely frozen over in the winter. Yosemite always has its surprises.


 Of course a drought wasn’t the problem in the picture above. That sign above our heads is how high the waters rose in Yosemite in that January of ’99! Yosemite–much like California itself–never ceases to amaze.


We’ve shared a lot of memories and moments with family and friends in Yosemite, but I’ll have to search my albums and see what new memories I can find.

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One thing I have to say is that I’ve always been amazed at people who have lived in California all their lives and never visited Yosemite. If you’re on of those people, then you should take the time to visit at least once. https://www.nationalparkreservations.com/park/yosemite-national-park/lodges?gclid=CI-WsNX5lsACFSdp7AodPzIAZg#.U-7ehT90wdU A word of warning though, if you want to spend the night, you’d probably do best to book a year in advance. My husband and I often got good deals on last-minute cancellations, but that isn’t always a safe bet.

Thanks again for stopping by. And if you haven’t been to Yosemite lately, please visit soon and share the pictures. I miss it so much!




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