It’s Been Ten Years Since You Passed Away–Still Thinking About You Dad!



September 9th is my dad’s birthday. I’d just like to say ‘happy early birthday’ and I miss you Dad! This birthday wish is coming a little early. He’s been gone ten years, and often it seems much longer. Time does a weird thing when people we love pass away. Time seems to stretch out long and slow when we think of them, yet it still flies by in our busy, workaday lives. Memories of our loved ones stay near and dear to us, and sometimes we wish we could just ask, “what do you think about that? What would you do?”


You were a husband, a father, a grandpa, a great-grandpa, a brother, and a son, and you loved all your roles. You came from a time when you made a living for your family and you raised your kids to take care of themselves. You could spoil the grandkids more than your own kids, because quite frankly, you weren’t responsible for their up-bringing. That let you relax a little bit. You didn’t have much education, but I think you were proud of the life you’d built for your family, and I think you had reason to be.


I remember I showed you stories I wrote and you were so proud. It made me feel like a kid again. I wish I could have shown you the books I wrote. You told me some stories of your own, and I wish you had time to tell me more. I hope some day I can make them into tales that will make you smile. I know each of the grandkids have memories of you and most would still make you laugh.

When someone passes on, I find there are a lot of wishes left behind. We’d all like to snatch back a little bit of that time we thought would last forever. Memories are precious, but it can’t replace real life moments. My philosophy will always remain don’t wait for someday to tell someone how much they mean to you, because someday may never come! Love you Dad and I hope you and Mom are smiling down from heaven.

Thank you for stopping by, and if you knew Lloyd, I hope some of these pictures made you smile.




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