Happy 41st Anniversary & Happy Birthday To My Wonderful Husband!



I can hardly believe that it was nearly forty-one years since we walked down that aisle together on that ever-romantic Groundhog’s Day. Some of the people who shared that day with us are no longer with us, and that makes me sad because it reminds me how much life can change when we least expect it and there are simply no guarantees in life. But then it also serves as a reminder that we must always maintain an attitude of gratitude and enjoy every moment we have with our loved ones.

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My husband’s birthday is the day after our anniversary, and both events always remind me of how quickly the years fly by.  I was only twenty-two when we got married, and it was  scary for me because I’d always lived with my folks and had never left home. Having never been very far from Tracy, it was strange when we started traveling to new places I’d never imagined seeing in my entire life, but then I was grateful for my husband introducing a new world to me full of discovery and adventure. Thank you for that, Steve.



Marriage is an adventure, and I’ve had friends who have remained married for a long time and those who decided that living happily alone was better than living unhappily together. I’ve also known people who married later in life and are extremely grateful for the time they’ve shared together. So much has changed in the world since the seventies, but people still get married and hope for the best. I often find myself studying other couples and trying to figure out what’s the magic that keeps them together, but it seems to be something different for every couple. I know for my own marriage, being able to laugh together and share the little joys in life has been a very important component in that mystery called marriage.

Thank you for letting me share these memories and I’d like to say happy anniversary and happy birthday to my husband once more. I can’t imagine my life without you, and I’m grateful for every moment we’ve shared.






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