Friends: One of Life’s Treasures



We can all agree that time flies, and as we get older the friendships that came so natural when we were younger, grow more difficult to maintain.  We get busy, we move away, family obligations get in the way.


I know some friends I’ve managed to stay in touch with thanks to e-mail and Facebook, but others have drifted away. Our friends are people we were never afraid to be ourselves with, people we could laugh with, people we could cry with.

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Some friends are new friends, and some friends are old, but I could never place them in order because they’ve all meant so much to me in different ways and different times of my life. With friends, you can say what you think and they don’t judge you. They take the time to understand what you really mean.

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A friend knows who you are and you can always dare to be yourself with your friends. What would our lives be like without friends? We can have 485 Facebook friends, but it can never compare to have real flesh-and-blood friends. In our new social media world, will people lose the ability to make and keep friends? It’s not easy now, so I’m sure it will be harder in the future.


Friends share those special moments with you. They are there for you, as you are for them. It’s great to stay connected to old friends on social media, but it just can’t beat putting your arm around your friends and letting them know how much you care. If any of my friends happen to see these pictures, I hope you realize how much you still mean to me and that I love you all! I wish I had pictures of all the people who have meant so much to me in my life, but I hope you know I still treasure the memories even without the pictures.

But when I talk about friends, I cannot forget my best friend for the past forty-three years, and that’s my husband, Steve. Remember, I got you babe!


Thanks for stopping by. If you haven’t spoken to an old friend lately, I hope you give them a call or send them a message today.




Faith and Love/Forgiveness and Redemption/Mother and Daughter Separation/ In One Book



My novel, Tenth Degree of the Paranormal is on sale for one week for 99 cents starting Monday, July 20, on Amazon. http://amzn.to/1sBlyyu

As I was writing this book, I was going through my own issues coming to terms with my daughter away at the Air Force Academy and the anxiety I was feeling at facing the empty nest syndrome.  A visit to St. Petersburg, Russia, and a visit to the Church on Spilled Blood was a catalyst to starting this book. Themes of faith and love overcoming evil, of forgiveness and redemption transcending time, and the resolving of mother/daughter separation issues are woven through this book.

Barbara Stevens has denied her paranormal powers her entire life. While her mother lies dying, she leaves her daughter an unexpected legacy.  She tells Barbara The Power has evolved in their family for generations, and Barbara’s daughter, Tiffany, has inherited paranormal powers that excel even her mother’s abilities. Is this the ramblings of a dying woman, or simply the truth?

Ivan Karlovsky, a Russian psychiatrist, believes in Tiffany’s paranormal powers. He is involved with a political rogue group called PAPA (Parapsychological Academia for Paranormal Adolescents), working on DNA restructuring, cloning, and breeding of paranormal people to create a super race—past dream of madmen.

The two men who profess to love Barbara race against time to rescue her and Tiffany from Karlovsky. Both men hope love can overcome past betrayals—one betrayal from this lifetime—another from a past life. If Tiffany does become the 144th person to acquire the tenth degree of paranormal powers, the abyss of hell can open and demons will unleash the darkest evil on the world. If this happens, it will take powerful love and faith to overcome the demonic powers.

Themes of faith and love overcoming evil, of forgiveness and redemption transcending time, and the resolving of mother/daughter separation make this a meaningful story for me. I think you might enjoy it as well. You can find it on Amazon for 99 cents this week at



Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have an awesome week ahead!



Empty Nest Syndrome–Say What–AGAIN???



We live a three hour plane ride away from our youngest grandchildren, so it’s pretty exciting when they come to visit. One of the good things is we live about thirty minutes from Disney World, so it’s a quick trip there. Of course the downside is that we don’t get to see the kiddoes as often as we’d like. It’s like loving popcorn and not getting all the popcorn you want.




On this trip we did our usual Disney trips, but we decided to head to Key West as well. I don’t mean to say this was brave of us, but we were traveling six hours in a car with boys ages six and ten, with no technology–I repeat no technology. Yikes! I do not need to tell you this was a long trip, a long trip indeed. I yearned for those days when our daughter was that age and we’d let her loose with toys in the backseat, and no seat belt. And we weren’t even arrested as unfit parents!



I have to confess while I absolutely love Key West, I don’t exactly consider it a ‘kid’ town. But we have found the first week of June is a good time to go if you’re taking children. Key West is a crazy, fun town, and it has festivities throughout the year, but I would definitely consider some of these celebrations to be much more on an adult level. It’s a wonderful place to visit, but it’s not a bad idea to check the calendar before you book a hotel there, but if you love crowds and craziness, don’t worry about it and just go!

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One thing we’ve discovered, as I’m sure all grandparents before us have found, is that you don’t have to worry about entertaining grandkids so long  as the hotel has a pool! We also found paying to get around via the Conch Train was invaluable, and we actually got two days when we paid for one. The kids rode for free, which was fabulous.



We discovered kids are pretty easy to please and spending time with them is priceless. I hope and pray the times we’ve shared with our grandkids will be memories they keep with them always.


The empty nest part comes when the boys leave us and go back home. I find for a couple of weeks after they’ve gone I’m searching the grocery store for things they will like to eat. Things go back to normal, but the house always rings a too quiet for a little awhile. I love going through Facebook and seeing the pictures of my old friends’ grandkids. I know many live in close proximity to their grandchildren, and I hope they know how lucky they are.


Oh well, I can always look forward to the next visit. Thanks for stopping by and allowing me to share!




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