You’ve been gone nearly fifteen years, Mom! It seems like a second or sometimes forever!!



You would be ninety-six this November, Mom. Time flies by. I often wonder what we would talk about if you were still alive. I’d love for you to know your great-grandchildren and to know you have a great-great grandchild. Wouldn’t you love to go to your son’s granddaughter’s wedding next year! I think you would be proud of your family and happy to see the lives they’ve made for themselves.


Above are pictures of your great-grandchildren and even your great-great grandchild. I know you would be so proud of them all now and they would love you so much. Many of them were lucky enough to know you, but the youngest never met you. I like to imagine some of them have something of you inside them. I picture them loving to read like you did, or loving to cook, or creating things with their hands like you.


Above are your grandchildren and your children, as I’m sure you know. I hope you also realize how much we all think about you and miss you. Each of us have our own special memories of being with you. You are a precious person to all of us and we hope you watch over us and know how much we appreciate you! There are so many things I wish  I had told you, but now I have to be satisfied in just writing it down.


The pictures above are for my cousins and pictures of their moms. Jackie and Gwen, I know you just lost your mother, so I hope this picture of Aunt Lois with Jackie will make you both smile. And Peggy, you and Keith and Paul must think of your mother every day, so this picture is for you.


Mom, I know you’re up in heaven with everyone you love, so I’d just like to let you know how much I love you and miss you! I talk to you sometimes, and I feel you’re answering me back, so thank you for that! Have a happy birthday up in heaven! But I suppose every day is a happy day.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope that if you’re lucky enough to still have your mother with you, you’ll tell her how much you love her. And for those of you who are like me and your mother is gone, remember our mother remains our mother forever!





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