To All Vets and Active Military–Thank You For Your Service and Sacrifice!



Today is Veteran’s Day and I’m sure many of us living in the USA are sending our positive thoughts and prayers to those who have served, or are serving our country. I always feel a small burst of pride when someone stops my husband on the street and says, “Thank you for your service!” After the negative treatment he and other returning Vietnam vets received, those words of gratitude mean more to him than ever.


Steve is still friends with one of the men he served with in the Navy, and they were fortunate enough to spend a couple of weeks together recently. Above is a picture of them over fifty years ago and today, but I’m sure you can guess which is now. LOL! The band of brotherhood and sisterhood of those serving in the military is a powerful bond difficult for we non-military to understand, but it is easy to admire.


I was glancing at a world atlas and thinking about what a great big world this is and how many parts of the world our men and women in the military go to in order to keep us safe. How can we possibly say ‘thank you’ enough?

Today we went to the Olive Garden for dinner and I was pleasantly surprised to find they were serving free meals for veterans. I know Golden Corral and many other restaurants honor veterans in the same way. There are famous people like country singer Trace Adkins who support the Wounded Warrior Project. It makes me grateful our country now acknowledges what the military has done for us in the past and what they continue to do for us at great sacrifice. Our country couldn’t survive without our military, so God bless them all.


My husband, my daughter, my son-in-law, and my great niece have all served, or are now serving our country, and I couldn’t be prouder of them. Our military personnel keep us strong and I’m positive we’re all grateful to have the chance to say ‘thank you’ to them today, and hopefully, every other day of the year. God bless America!

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