Excerpt from Life of a Baby Boomer


Below are pictures of Steve’s brother, Steve, and his mother. I am posting another excerpt from his book, “Life of a Baby Boomer.” I have had some people tell me they enjoy seeing the pictures that go with the story, so here they are.

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Another pleasant memory I have is of my mother taking my brother and I to Long Beach. Since my stepfather didn’t swim, we went while he was at work, driving straight down Cherry Blvd. to Cherry Beach next to the Long Beach Pike, where there was a boardwalk amusement park with a roller coaster, a double-Ferris wheel, and all the other typical seaside rides and attractions. Before we’d get to the beach, we’d stop at the Mobile gas station and get free inner-tubes, then blow them up at the air pumps. We’d use these inner tubes as wave riders.

When we’d play out in the surf, I remember thinking there was no one more beautiful than my mother. In her early thirties, tall and slender, with long auburn hair flowing down her back, she looked more like a young girl than a mother playing with her two sons. She was fearless when it came to swimming in the ocean. She’d laugh with joyous abandon when the surf knocked us down, and the three of us would pick ourselves up and rush back out into the ocean.

It was the perfect metaphor for our life: we kept getting knocked down, but we’d always get back up. To see this lovely, laughing lady, no one would ever imagine she’d be taking her children home to an abusive stepfather, a husband who beat her without mercy. Fear could have destroyed us, but it was faith that kept us from being defeated.

My husband suffered many traumatic experiences at the hand of his stepfather. I am proud of the man Steve became in spite of the cruelties of his father. Through faith and perseverance he overcame many hardships growing up. I realize that many others have suffered childhood abuse and bullying and have still managed to form meaningful relationships and live full, happy lives. God looks out for us all and I admire those who have been knocked down by the waves of life, but still keep getting back up. Kudos!

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