Happy Birthday Dear Tiff, Happy Birthday to You!



It looks like you and your cousins are all going to party like it’s 1999! Wait a minute–it’s already past that! Why does it seem like it went by in a heartbeat? You were our little girl and we treasure all those special moments when you were growing up. Who knew they would pass so quickly?tf5t10tf3


On the morning you were born, I remember when the nurse put you in my arms, you quieted down like an angel. It was one of the happiest days
of my life. I am lucky enough this year to be able to celebrate your birthday with you in Denton, Texas.  Time has flown so quickly by, it’s difficult to remember we’ve long past our Starsky and Hutch days, and the world has changed so much since then.



It seems like only yesterday when I’d walk you to your first day of school each year, and you’d be excited, but a little bit nervous, too. No matter how nervous you were though, the love of learning always remained in you. Then more time passed, and you became a teenager. (Shudder) LOL! But hold on, I don’t think it was quite THAT long ago when you were a teenager!



Life sped up, as is its way, and you graduated from high school, and then the Air Force Academy. There you were lucky enough to meet the man you wanted to spend the rest of your life with. Even after your marriage, you continued your education, and had two wonderful sons as well. Your dad and I want you to know we are proud of the way you’ve lived your life. You have been blessed with a great husband and sons, and you deserve all the good things in your life.


So, just wanted to take this time to say we’re so glad that you’re our daughter, and we love all the happy times we’ve shared as a family. Have a wonderful birthday, and we pray that God fulfills all your hopes and dreams. Happy birthday to you!



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