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Genre: Contemporary

Heat Level: Sensual




When they finally stopped swimming and stood up in the shallow end of the pool, the icy wind of

early fall shocked them both into quick action…he grabbed a huge beach towel and wrapped it

round her and hugged her tightly, pressing her body against his own.

Shivering from the cold, Casey snuggled close to Tres. As her shaking eased, she became more

aware of his body. He had one arm round her shoulders and the other lower. His hand was on her

bottom, pressing her against him from head to toe. He wasn’t cold. His hot, full arousal pulsating

against her abdomen fueled a new kind of shiver in her. She leaned into his maleness with primal

need. His eyes, bright and feral, devoured her. As she wiggled to step away, he moved his hand

from her shoulder to the back of her head. His lips brushed her temple and cheek, trailed down to

her neck, then settled gently on her lips that had parted in awe at the sensations she felt. The

motion of his mouth against hers sent sparks through her blood. His tongue traced her lips, slipping

inside to touch her tongue as he moved his hand to palm her breast and smooth his thumb across

the engorged nipple.

The towel slipped to the floor. He gently brushed aside a strap of her swimsuit. As his lips left hers

and closed over her exposed breast, her eyes flew open in panic. Jerking her arms from around his

waist, not remembering having put them there, she whispered, “Tres, please. I can’t handle this.”

She breathed in shallow gasps.

Slowly, he released her breast and raised his head. Pulling the strap up and encasing her throbbing

breast, he frowned. “You look like you’ve never been kissed before.”

In awe, she said, “Not like that.”

Tres studied her through a haze of thwarted desire and let her step away from him. His thoughts

raced. Has she forgotten that part of her life, or is she telling the truth?




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