I’d like to wish a Happy Father’s Day out there to all the guys out there, and all the women, because we all had fathers!



Of course this weekend is celebrating Father’s Day, and I hope that everyone has a glorious weekend ahead!

Above is a picture of all the dads in our family and their respective families. Also, there’s a picture of Steve, and while not my dad, he’s still my man of the year! It seems somewhat a shame that all statistics show that Mother’s Day is always celebrated far more than Father’s Day. I don’t think any of us could argue with that when we compare the commercials for both holidays, frankly, there’s no comparison between the two. But neither could we disagree with the fact that we’d be nowhere without both moms and dads. I’d like to wish all the men out there Happy Father’s Day because you all deserve just as much attention as mothers do.

It was President Woodrow Wilson, in 1914, who approved a resolution that made the second Sunday in May a holiday in honor of women. http://www.history.com/topics/holidays/fathers-day  On July 5, 1908, a West Virginia church sponsored the first explicit Father’s Day. It didn’t take off, even later when President Calvin Coolidge urged states to observe it in 1924. Men scorned the attempts to domesticate ‘manliness’ with flowers and gift-giving. They considered it a commercial gimmick to sell more products. Not exactly untrue, since economists estimate $1 billion is spent on Father’s Day, so my sympathy has waned somewhat for fathers. LOL!


Of course, there are fathers, and there are father surrogates. Above is a picture of my husband with his grandfather, who was much more of a father to him than his stepfather, who is also pictured above with him. Parent/child relationships are always complicated, but I don’t think there are many of us who could honestly say we don’t love our parents.


My husband had a very harsh childhood with his stepfather, but he was very close to his grandfather. I believe the close ties he had with his grandfather helped him become a loving father to his daughters who are pictured above. From my own experiences, I loved my father very much, but ‘Father Knows Best’, he wasn’t. He’s been gone for ten years now, and I wish I had him back so I could tell him how much I love him.



Above is a picture of my father holding me and holding my sister’s hand. Whether you love Father’s Day, or just think it’s a commercial rip-off, I hope you take the time to tell your father you love him, or say a prayer to the father who has passed away. I’d like to think it’s never too late to tell our fathers we love them and thank them for giving us the gift of life. (And mothers, too!)

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