Have a great Fourth of July, and take a little time out to pray for our country!



I remember our Fourth of Julys’ used to be family picnics with all the aunts, uncles, and cousins getting together, lots of great food, always with corn-on-the-cob, fried chicken, and watermelon for dessert! If we got home in time, my dad would drive us out to the Tracy Airport and we’d sit on the hood of our car and watch the fireworks, along with a whole lot of other Tracyites. Now, the families are scattered and we all celebrate the Fourth in whatever way we see best.

In spite of all the nostalgia I feel for celebrations of the Fourth in times past, sometimes I feel greater concern that even as our American families fragment, so goes our country. Although Americans have always had strong differences of opinions when it comes to politics, whether a person was Democrat or Republican didn’t matter nearly so much as everyone doing whatever was best for our country.


Our country is still a great place to live, and I hope that everyone has a wonderful, safe holiday with friends and family. But perhaps we should take some time this weekend to pray for all those people who are suffering from the effects of military conflict throughout the world. I believe we should pray for our leaders to make the right decisions in how to best help alleviate the strife in warring countries. Our world has grown much smaller, even as our political issues have grown much larger, and the US and the rest of the world cannot afford to ignore all the civil strife taking place throughout the world.

This Fourth of July, I believe it’s important for us to be thankful for living in the USA and grateful for all our blessings, but we should also take time to pray for the peace of the world and to pray for discernment for the world leaders in all countries.

Thanks for stopping by and happy Fourth of July!



6 Responses to “Have a great Fourth of July, and take a little time out to pray for our country!”

  1. Tiff says:

    Nice post! =)

  2. Rosemarie Kelly-Cunningham says:

    Great reminder of all the sacrifices our military and their families make every day to keep us and all of America safe. Hopefully, the men and women we elect to make decisions to keep Our Great Land safe and free will be making them with all of us in mind, not just for Political gains.
    God bless all our families and friends and God bless America the Home of the FREE AND

    • Rosemarie, It is so true and all we can do is pray for the welfare of our country and the brave men and women who fight for her every day. I’m sure Steve’s already told you to go see “America”. It’s quite surprising, especially since we’ve seen no advertisement for it. Have a great holiday!

  3. Shel says:

    Thank you Bren..

  4. Shel, you are welcome. Oh my goodness girlfriend, have you seen the movie, “America.” It’s a documentary, but you really need to see it to see what’s happening to our country. Of course, it’s barely been advertised and I bet it won’t last long on the show, but if you get the chance, see it. Have a great Fourth and I’m glad we can still connect!

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