My Little Vampire Dog


z6 Hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend!

To the left are a couple of pictures of my dog Toto who was the inspiration for my ‘vampire dog’ Charlie in my book, The King’s Vampire. (and yes, our couch looked like the one used on the “Roseanne” show) I chose to make Toto my vampire dog because I missed him so much when he died at fourteen-years-old. Our daughter Tiff was away at the Air Force Academy at the time and it was very hard to tell her our dog had died, and we were all pretty heartbroken about it. For me, it was a comfort to put him in the book and make him a vampire dog who might live forever. Sometimes it’s fun to use someone familiar in my writing. Elizabeth’s husband, Sir Michael Horbury, was the one who made her a vampire, but Michael Horbury is also a very dear friend of ours who lives in England, and certainly no vampire, at least as far as I know. LOL!

I know there have been many studies done on ‘psychic’ animals. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2084017/A-Cambridge-scientist-believes-seen-beginning-animals-telepathic-powers.html  Personally I have never had any experience with a pet that I would call a psychic or who had an intuitive moment. When we went through the Loma Prieta/1989 earthquake in California, my mom and I were taking Toto for a walk and when the sidewalk started rolling, he gave us a look of total surprise and terror that I must confess I totally reciprocated.

I guess I’m curious if anyone that I know has actually experienced a psychic moment between themselves and their pet. I’ve been on trips where people have taken their dogs on ships or other places because they are ‘service’ animals and can detect early onset symptoms of a seizure for the person before it actually happens, giving them time to take their medication sooner rather than later. Again, I wonder if anyone knows of someone who has such a service dog.

I’ve had very ‘willful’ pets, particularly cats, but none that seemed psychic. One cat, Caesar, used to unplug the refrigerator if we didn’t feed him when he thought we should. I guess we should never have named him ‘Caesar’! Another cat, sorry it’s always the cats, Cicero, used to come down the chimney when he wanted in the house when we were gone. Luckily, we lived in California and the fireplace was never going! Did anyone else have a peculiar or determined pet, even though not exactly psychic? I’d love to hear about it.

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6 Responses to “My Little Vampire Dog”

  1. Karen Lopp says:

    I loved the dog in your book. The pic fits.

  2. Linda says:

    Hi Brenda … as you know I lived close to the very tree that ‘Charles’ hid in. As for paranormal experiences … my maternal great grandmorther was the first religious minister in the UK to have her own church and be able to perform marriages … she was also a faith healer and spritualist and I was brought up on the stories of the paranormal incidents in her life and that of my maternal grandmother … come over and have a chat with my mom sometime … she has soooo many stories she could tell you

    • brendastinnett says:

      Hi Linda, I do remember you telling me about living by that tree. But I don’t remember you telling about your great grandmother having her own church. I have so got to talk with your mom about some of her stories before she leaves again. Hopefully, she’ll feel fine after we get back from our trip.

  3. Anne Cleasby says:

    Hi Brenda…Toto’s great. I’ll be looking out for the book. I don’t really know about psychic animals (although my sister’s neighbour thinks her two airdale terriers are the reincarnations of her mother and mother in law), but my cats have always been able to communicate what they want. If they don’t get it, they have ways of making me pay….

  4. brendastinnett says:

    Hi Anne, That’s great then, hope you enjoy the book! I hope those reincarnations are a good thing. LOL! I tell you, from my experiences, cats are definitely more devious and determined than dogs. Have a great day!

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