Happy Birthday Bro! You’re Like A Fine Wine–Or An Old Cheese–Better With Age!


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Well, look who’s turning 70??? I can’t believe it–how time flies! Well, by the looks of these pictures, you’re holding up well, Big Bro! You’re a lucky man. You have a wonderful wife and loving family. Kudos to you! Even though we live far apart, I still think of you and wish you all the best. I remember you singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to me (the horror) LOL! So, just know, that come this Sunday, I’ll be thinking about you and singing to you as well.


To think it’s been over fifty years since you got married. You were so young, and yet to me, I thought you were all so grown-up and knew exactly what you were doing. You just don’t look that much different now than you did back then. Life takes us for a ride and gives us some surprises, some good–and some–not so much. But you’ve weathered it well, and you’ve done a great job, Jim.


We grew up in the fifties, and life was different then. Our parents raised us the best way they knew how. Our lives were much different than the way we raised our children, but that’s what life’s about–growth and change.

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You grew into a good, hard-working man, who always took care of his family. You are the one who stayed in our hometown and kept your connections with old friends. I think you carved out a life that is perfect for you. I hope you still have your garden.


You raised your girls and now you have wonderful grandchildren of your own who have learned much from you as a role model.


Again, I’d just like to wish you the best birthday ever! I always think of the time when Steve and I were in Savannah, and I told him I was going to see my brother and Judy today. We looked up, and there you were. That was a very special time for me. Even though we are far from each other, you’ll always be my big brother. If our folks were still alive, they would be proud of all you’ve done.  Sending you warm thoughts and prayers on your 70th birthday!

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