Eight Reasons To Love Halloween!



Number one favorite reason for loving Halloween is the fact that you can get your kids, or grandkids, to hustle you some candy, all under the guise of being a ‘good’ parent/grandparent.


Number two reason falls under the same guise of being ‘good,’ you can eat the kids’ chocolate candy, claiming you are saving them from an extra trip to the dentist.


Third favorite thing about Halloween is the fact  you can dress up like a nut, and you might even when a prize for it. Case in point, my husband won 2nd place as Dracula at the Opera House in Tracy, losing out only to the Korean Elvis. Trust me, nobody can win out over Korean Elvis.


Halloween reason number four is if you’ve ever imagined your family and friends might be weird or quirky, you can just picture yourself as part of ‘The Rocky Horror Show,’ and blame it all on Halloween. Even the dog is frightened!


Favorite reason number five is probably a little cheap, but when your kids are young, you can cheat and use their dance recital costumes for Halloween costumes, justifying the huge amount of money you put out for a poodle costume nobody’s going to get much use out of, otherwise.


The number six reason for loving Halloween is especially useful if you have teen-aged girls. You can feel safe when your daughter goes out on Halloween and you know she’s packing heat.


Seventh favorite reason to love Halloween is when you can go to the supermarket and buy tons of candy, and no one judges you–they think your just buying it for the kids!

And the eighth reason to love Halloween is when “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” comes on TV. How many of us can honestly say we don’t secretly root for Linus to finally meet up with The Great Pumpkin? Our life often changes and rearranges itself, but these are still eight things you can love about Halloween.

Thanks for stopping by! And–oh yeah–happy Halloween!!!


2 Responses to “Eight Reasons To Love Halloween!”

  1. Rosemarie Kelly-Cunningham says:

    Hi Brenda and Steve,
    Love, love those pictures you posted. What a handsome couple and great pictures of the kids through the years. Love the costumes. Happy Halloween and have a good
    day. God bless!

  2. brenda stinnett says:

    Hi Rosemarie,

    Thanks, and so glad you liked the pics. It just all goes by so very quickly! Happy Halloween to you and Richard, as well. Stay safe & well.

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