Happy Birthday & Happy Anniversary, Sis!



Happy 51st anniversary Margaret & Gary and happy something-something birthday, Sis! Still looking amazing! Who knew when you got married so young, that it would be such an exciting adventure! We had the privilege of celebrating your 50th anniversary with y’all on a cruise, and we hope the 51st is just as much fun!






Remember all those fun Thanksgiving dinners you used to cook for all of us?  You’ve always been a very giving person, willing to do whatever was needed for your family and friends. I hear your Fourth-of-July picnics are just as famous as your Thanksgivings used to be.


You married very young, and even though you weren’t much more than a kid yourself, you raised three great kids, with families of their own now. Time flies by, but it’s always wonderful to maintain all those memories.


You’ve been lucky that you’ve always had Gary by your side, in good times and bad, fortunately, more good times than bad. The holidays have always been good memories for us all.


But sometimes, I remember you more as my big sis, the one who always lived the glamorous life in my eyes with her friends and her dates. I even recall going with you on a few of those dates! What a great chaperone I must have made!


You were the one I figured would look out for me no matter where we might travel. It wasn’t always an easy trip in our family, but you were always there when I needed you.


Time passes, and that’s something we can all be assured of, but I hope that you have a fabulous birthday and anniversary this year, because you deserve it. So I guess all I’d like to say is, “Happy birthday sis, and happy anniversary to you both! May you have many more exciting adventures ahead of you! Love you, your sis!

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