Happy Birthday, Jesus! And I Hope Everyone Has a Merry Christmas!



There is always something magical about Christmas that can bring a smile to our faces. It’s a time for reliving old holiday memories and forming brand new ones. Families are an amazing part of our celebrations and joy. For Christians, it’s a time to celebrate the birth of our Savior who came down on earth and suffered the crucifixion on the cross that we might have eternal life. Sometimes in the glitz and excitement of Christmas decorations and presents, we often forget to say ‘Happy Birthday, Jesus.’ In these days of ‘political correctness’, it’s not even socially acceptable to wish people ‘Merry Christmas’ because it might be offensive to other faiths.


There are Christians and many other faiths who are suffering from genocide in countries like Syria and Iraq thanks to ISIS, http://centurylink.net/tv/3/player/vendor/Fox%20News/player/embedded/asset/fox_news-thousands_of_christians_flee_home_to_escape_genoci-foxnews/source/Clips and yet here we are, sometimes hesitant to say Merry Christmas or even ‘Happy Birthday, Jesus’ because we might anger someone. Our country was built on the premise of religious freedom, and I believe we are in real danger of losing that freedom when we become ashamed of admitting we’re Christian and telling people exactly why we are celebrating Christmas. I worry that some little children born of the Christian faith still have no idea why we celebrate Christmas except for the fact that Santa Claus comes on Christmas Eve.


Christmas can be a joyous time for everyone and I treasure all those memories from Christmas’s past, but I still believe saying ‘Merry Christmas’ should never be cause for shame or embarrassment, and we should never forget we are celebrating the birth of our Saviour in Jesus Christ, our Lord. Our country was built on the Christian faith, even though there are some who would like to deny or defame this fact, it still remains the truth. We should all take pride in our religion, whether it be Christian, Jewish, Moslem, or something other. God is powerful enough to sort it all out.


372This picture to the left was taken in Bethlehem at the spot where Jesus was born.

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I don’t think it matters how we envision Jesus, so long as we love him with all our hearts. I would like to send out positive thoughts and prayers to any who may be in pain or suffering in some way this holiday season.

I’ve saved some of my favorite holiday tunes and I would like to share them with you at https://www.facebook.com/saved/?cref=28

Thanks for stopping by, and may you have a very merry Christmas, or a happy Hanukkah! Peace and joy to you all in 2015!






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