While Preparing to Stay the Course in 2015, Have You Made New Year’s Resolutions???



As 2015 creeps up on little cat feet, I find myself preparing to make a New Year’s resolution that I’ll never keep. There’s something so attractive about starting a brand new year and hoping for improvement in my life, I keep making those resolutions. My resolutions usually last about two weeks into the new year before I quit. This year, I decided to make myself monthly contracts, and renew every month. That way, it may seem less daunting. My resolution is simple enough, yet sooo hard, to exercise three times a week, thirty minutes a day. As you can guess, I’m already pretty overwhelmed by this resolution.

Sometimes I wish somebody would come up with ten reasons why exercise is BAD for you. I’ve been told, or had personal experiences, where, through exercise, weight loss has occurred, increased energy, lower blood sugar level, increased heart health, reduced stress, improved mood, increased bone density, increased flexibility, lessened likelihood of Alzheimer’s or dementia, and a slowing of the aging process. Whew! With all those positive reasons for exercising, why would anybody NOT exercise? Anybody, besides me, raised their hand? About the only thing exercise doesn’t promise is to make us rich!

Well, I’ve vented enough. Now I’d like to talk about some people who made far more sensible resolutions than me, who probably have a much higher likelihood of keeping their resolutions. You go girls!

Nancee’s resolution is to increase the amount of Christmas lights in her Christmas display for 2015. Now this is a clever resolution, because it’s easily measurable–and more importantly–easy to carry out!



Becky says: I don’t make formal resolutions, but set goals I’d like to reach, such as running a half marathon, or spending more time outdoors. She seems to be succeeding already because she’s running a half marathon at Disney World in January! Okay, girls, already I’m looking bad! LOL!


Linda, my very practical British friend, New Year’s resolution is to make a New Year’s resolution. You just can’t get more British than that. Brilliant! Thank you.

Ollie & Gaga

Linda, my very American friend, has made a firm resolution to keep up on her filing on  a regular basis–like daily! Now this is a resolution I can sink my teeth into, because I suspect it will be nearly has difficult as my exercise resolution. Kudos! She’s a childhood friend, so I think we tend to think a lot alike!


Tiff, my incredibly practical daughter, says her resolution isn’t a resolution at all, rather a goal. It’s a goal to always strive for personal improvement, but not necessarily wait until New Years to start. She suggests lifestyle changes in small increments, and make sure to be very specific in what you want to achieve. How did such a sensible daughter have such a flighty mother? Go figure! And she’s running in the Disney World half marathon as well!

I must admit I asked a few men their New Year’s resolutions, but they adamantly refused to give any. I have three reasons why I suspect they feel so strongly: I yam what I yam, and that’s all that I yam. Leave well enough alone. And, my personal favorite, why tamper with perfection. LOL!

I’d like to thank my friends and family for sharing their resolutions, and I’d love to hear from any of you, if you have a special New Year’s resolution. I know I joke a bit, but I’d like to wish you all an amazing 2015. I appreciate the time you take in stopping by, and I hope you feel the connection that I feel with you when we can share a laugh or an experience together.





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