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????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Hi! Just got back from my trip to Germany. It’s an amazing place filled with the recent historical past that we can nearly catch in the palms of our hands. It’s difficult to believe that the Holocaust happened less than seventy years ago and the Berlin Wall came down less than thirty years ago.  The picture on the left shows remains of the wall. The gray building in the background is the former Luftwaffe, which became a government administration building for the Communist party after the war. What’s sometimes hard to imagine for some, if they haven’t seen any cold war movies, is the fact that there were actually two walls and a strip of no man’s land between them, complete with trip wires, dogs, machine guns, and searchlights. One man who worked in the admin building set up a sort of zip line and carried himself, his wife, and his little daughter across to freedom in West Berlin. Once again, amazing! In the picture on the right, I am straddling, in a very undignified way I admit, the demarcation line in another part of the city between East and West Berlin which went through the entire city.

When visiting Dachau, it’s much more difficult to post pictures because  it’s impossible to capture the horror  of what the prisoners went through in simple pictures. This was the first concentration camp opened in Germany and over 200,000 prisoners went through its gates and history will probably never be sure how many actually died behind those walls. Even though there was no evidence of mass murder of prisoners taking place in Dachau, still the terror and despair of the prisoners are embedded in the stones and soil of the place and no pictures could depict the emotions I felt. All of Germany’s children are taught what happened during World War II and they have many field trips to the concentration camps, so hopefully, through confrontation of darkest evil, it won’t happen again.

In Berlin there is a monument to the six million Jews who died during the Holocaust. http://www.aviewoncities.com/berlin/holocaustmemorial.htm The top two pictures are of this monument, but it’s better to be there to get the meaning of the artist. When walking through the stones sometimes there’s a feeling of being lost and alone, and the uneven steps leave a sense of being off-balance and confused. I believe the artist leaves it to each person to interpret what the monument represents.

I find that traveling teaches me something about myself as much as it does about the culture and the history of the country I’m traveling in. In confronting the beauty and genius of Germany, as well as the darkness and evil in its past, I understand better why I choose to write about darkness and light in a paranormal context. I believe that human beings are capable of the greatest good and possibility, but darkness and evil dwells among us and we must remain ever vigilant to its destructive possibilities.

Wow! I did not mean to get so heavy in this post. Next post I’ll write about mad King Ludwig II’s fairy tale castle that looks much like the Disney castle. I had a great trip and I did not just think dark and somber thoughts, but the political turmoil of the 20th century is very much reflected in Germany and it’s impossible not to consider it all in context on a journey there.

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4 Responses to “Trip to Germany”

  1. Joy says:

    I’ve been to King Ludwig’s castle! quite the most beautiful one I’ve ever seen. No wonder Walt Disney was enchanted! 🙂

  2. brendastinnett says:

    Hi Joy! Isn’t it absolutely amazing??? The castle is magical and so are the surroundings. Too bad he couldn’t have enjoyed it a little longer!


  3. Joy says:

    Wasn’t he found dead floating in the river? A young man, as I recall.

  4. brendastinnett says:

    Yes, he was young and he presumably ‘drowned’, along with his psychiatrist. A bit too convenient, huh?

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