Happy, happy birthday to you, Tiff!





Time certainly flies when you’re having fun, Tiff! Happy birthday to you! It has all passed so quickly, sometimes it doesn’t seem like we have time to say how much you mean to us and how proud we are of the amazing woman you’ve become.


Through the years, you’ve celebrated the years with family and friends, and while you might not see them very often, I believe those experiences and memories have made you the wonderful woman that you’ve grown into. While we are experiencing those moments, we have no idea how fast they will go by. You grew up in a time where Facebook meant a book with your face on it, Twitter was what the birds did, and I don’t even want to talk about what i-pod meant! LOL! Life changes so quickly, and the childhood you grew up in is nothing like the childhood your children are growing up in. But again, my childhood was nothing like yours.  It’s what life’s about, change and growth, and I want you to know that we are proud of  you.

Before there was karaoke, there was lip-syncing, and I remember when you and your friends didn’t mind dressing up and singing along to Madonna or Cyndi Lauper at a birthday bash. And we got to share good times with our friends, while you were enjoying your party with your friends.


Sometimes when we get so busy in our lives that we don’t have a moment to spare, that’s when we need to take a deep breath and just live in the moment, turn off the technology, and just appreciate what’s right in front of us.


It meant so much to me when you and I went on the Marion Pilgrimage last year, giving us the opportunity to reconnect as mother and daughter, and allowing me more time to learn more about who you are as an adult. Our children remain our children forever, and yet they become adults with lives of their own as well.


Once again, just want to say happy, happy birthday! And you are a very lucky woman to be blessed with such a wonderful family!

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