“Someday May Never Come” Has Finally Come! My newest book is out on Amazon!


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The link is http://amzn.to/1sBlyyu

You can click on the back cover for a description of the book.

I’m quite excited to have my new book, Someday May Never Come, available for purchase now in soft-bound or e-book form on Amazon. The softbound book may be ordered at bookstores or at the local library. It usually takes three days for it to arrive. These are firsts for me because it’s my first mystery, and it’s my first non-paranormal novel. It’s a book about murder and the psychological and physical abuse of women. I have to admit it was a hard book for me to tackle due to the powerful issues it dealt with. I wanted to write this novel since I’ve always been interested in psychology and what makes people do the things they do. It’s about people making poor choices, not seeing what’s in front of them all along, and making excuses about putting off living their life until the right time. You know, it’s about life and the things we all do at some point in our life.

The setting of the book takes place on Mirror Key, an imaginary place in Florida. Well, Florida is pretty real, but Mirror Key is not. It’s a purely fictional work about three generations of Quinn women who are forced to confront evil and attempt to come out stronger than ever. It starts with a young woman, Anna Howard, interviewing a serial killer on death row who maintains his innocence on the murder of two women. This murderer draws Anna into the story of the murdered women and the women who befriended them. What she doesn’t realize is how this story will change her own reality.

I did have some fun writing Someday May Never Come thanks to some of the quirkier characters in the book. It’s a mystery with some romantic elements, because to me, what’s life without a little romance in it?

Below is a short excerpt from Someday May Never Come.

Wednesday Evening
August 14, 2002

After the girls left, Gina said, “Let’s order another bottle of wine
and take it to the pool.”

Fiona shrugged, “Why not?” She followed Gina. They sat at a
wrought-iron table poolside.

Gina poured them both a generous glass of Merlot. Fiona kicked off
her shoes, putting her feet up on an empty chair. Darkness settled in,
heavier than a homemade quilt. The moon darted between high black
clouds, casting shadows across their faces, while the women enjoyed a
companionable silence.

“This last year’s been rough.” Gina rubbed a curved, crimson fingernail
across the rim of her glass. Tiki torches illuminated her face,
emphasizing premature wrinkles around her mouth and neckline.

“Do you want to talk?” Once the words were out, Fiona wanted to
snatch them back. She didn’t need more trouble in her life.

“I’m not stupid. I know this evening was awkward, me being a complete
stranger, but I appreciate you having dinner with us. I realized
right off you had a good heart.”

Fiona lifted up her hand. “No, please, I…” She recalled how she’d
argued with herself about not getting involved with this woman, and
her supposed good heart squeezed tight. She couldn’t meet Gina’s gaze.

Gina twirled the stem of her wineglass. “I don’t know where to

“Start wherever you want and stop when you’re finished.” Fiona
remained quiet, knowing from her past experiences of talking to an
uncommunicative teenager; sometimes, silence was the key to getting
a person talking.

“It started three years ago, but we didn’t find out until last year.” She
paused and gulped some wine. Gina stared into the glass, seeming to
search for answers to questions which had no answers.

The silence deepened. A warning bell went off in Fiona’s head. She
knew once this woman shared her pain, it would, by osmosis, become
her own. She considered ordering Gina to stop, until that look of incredible
sadness in those cat-like eyes of hers returned, and the words froze
in Fiona’s throat.

She sighed and asked, “What happened?”

Gina looked over Fiona’s shoulder, even though all that was out
there was the black vastness of the Gulf. She pressed her glass against
her lips, but then slammed it down, causing wine to slosh out. “God, I
want to tell someone. I’ve had nobody to talk to except for Kimberley,
and that poor kid can’t even think about what happened, so there’s no
way she can discuss it with me.”

“This concerns Kimberley?”

“Our whole damned family is involved. I haven’t just come here on
vacation. I’m looking for a job, too. I’ve left my husband.”

I hope you’ll enjoy this book. Psychological and physical abuse are hard subjects to deal with. I have fellow-authors who have dealt with real physical and emotional abuse, and I find myself admiring their honesty in confronting these subjects even more after my own difficult experiences dealing with the fictional subjects. MANipulated Into Fear:There Is always A Pattern & White Roses In A Dream Traits, Patterns and Action Plans by Marvela Dawnay, are both books based on a true story of abuse. Another brave author, Paul T. Goldman, wrote a book on women’s psychological abusive behavior toward men, Double Wife/Double Life,  also based on true life. All these books can also be purchased on Amazon.

Thanks so much for stopping by and enjoy Someday May Never Come! My link is: http://amzn.to/1sBlyyu

Just don’t waste moments waiting on someday, because someday should never be a lifetime away!



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