Mom! Though You’re No Longer Here–I Think of You Often–Especially Close to Mother’s Day!!



Mother’s Day is around the corner, and I always find my thoughts going to my mother, and then to my own daughter. I think of the things most remembered about my mom and wonder what memories my daughter will recall of me when I’m gone. If this sounds morbid or sad, I don’t mean it to at all, it’s just that as we grow older, we become much more aware of the swiftness of time and how precious our memories of the past and our loved ones.


I remember how much Mom lovedĀ  cooking for the holidays. She didn’t laugh aloud often, but I remember we could show her the picture above of her cooking dinner with that wild-eyed look and it would make her laugh and laugh.


Growing up, I recall the days when my mother wore dresses and heels whenever she went anywhere. She didn’t have many friends, but I remember her friendship with Mary was very important to her. They were neighbors andĀ  worked at Heinz together. My mom’s sister, Ruth, died young, and it was so painful my mom could never talk about. When she wanted to tell me stories about her life, I was often too busy to listen, and later, when I wanted to hear those stories, they were too painful for her to tell. Sometimes in life we’re unfortunately not always on the same track.


I remember her wonderful pies and Thanksgiving turkeys! I remember she’d take us on the Greyhound bus to Stockton to shop for school clothes and eating lunch at Kresses Department Store. When school was out for the summer, I recall those hot evenings when she would build a campfire in the backyard and roast weenies and toast marshmallows to celebrate school being out. It felt like real camping. I remember coconut bunny cakes with jelly bean eyes, and hiding our Easter eggs in fields out on Coral Hollow. I remember dressing up in our Easter clothes, with our Easter bonnets, and going to Grace Baptist Church. Thank you so much for those memories, Mom, and I hope you know how much those memories still mean to me.


To my own daughter, I hope that you have some special memories of us together. I know that I do. To those of you lucky enough to still have your mom, give her a big hug and let her know how much she means to you. For those of us who have lost our moms, be grateful for all those special memories, and embrace the memories, knowing that you were loved and that’s something very special.

Thanks for stopping by. And happy Mother’s Day to all!


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  1. steve says:

    simply wonderful…

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