Let’s All Take Time to Remember Those Who Have Given Their Lives for Our Country.



Visiting the American Cemetery in Luxembourg is a moving experience. It reminds us once again of exactly what our men and women in the military sacrifice in order that we might remain free. And it is a solemn reminder that our freedom is not free, it is still purchased with the blood of men and women willing to die for our country.  Memorial Day is a time to honor those who have given their lives fighting for our liberty in all wars, but we should also be reminded to thank those brave men and women who are still risking their lives so that we might remain free and strong. I always feel proud when people thank my husband for his military service, and I would like to also take the time to thank all those men and women who have defended our country, “Thank you all for your service!”

Above, my husband, a former veteran, paying his respects to some of those Americans who died at the Battle of the Bulge at the American Cemetery in Hamm, Luxembourg. http://www.abmc.gov/cemeteries-memorials/europe/luxembourg-american-cemetery#.VTk0vZOAkg   The Ardennes Counteroffensive, better know as the Battle of the Bulge, was the last major German offensive in World War II.  The Allies pushed back the German armies from Belgium, through Luxembourg, and back into Germany.

Approximately 19,000 Americans were killed in this counteroffensive. After the battle, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill was quoted: “This is undoubtedly the greatest American battle of the war, and will, I believe, be regarded as an ever-famous American victory.”

Second Lt. Nancy Leo, an Army nurse from Maryland, is the only woman buried among the 5076 soldiers in the Luxembourg American Cemetery, even though she died in a jeep accident in Paris. This oddly reflects the auto accident in Germany that led to the death of George S. Patton, and yet, they were buried with their band of brothers from the Battle of the Bulge.


Within the cemetery grounds, there is a memorial chapel with a bronze door embellished with gold leaf cartouches depicting military virtues. Inside the chapel, there is a mosaic ceiling and a stained glass window showcasing the men and woman resting in the cemetery.


When you are celebrating the Memorial Day weekend with your friends and family, please remember to take the time to say a prayer for those who fought and died for our country and also say a heartfelt thank you to those who are still defending us. https://www.youtube.com/embed/daqwGRdRIsk?feature=player_detailpage

Below is the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor, HI.

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