Friends: One of Life’s Treasures



We can all agree that time flies, and as we get older the friendships that came so natural when we were younger, grow more difficult to maintain.  We get busy, we move away, family obligations get in the way.


I know some friends I’ve managed to stay in touch with thanks to e-mail and Facebook, but others have drifted away. Our friends are people we were never afraid to be ourselves with, people we could laugh with, people we could cry with.

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Some friends are new friends, and some friends are old, but I could never place them in order because they’ve all meant so much to me in different ways and different times of my life. With friends, you can say what you think and they don’t judge you. They take the time to understand what you really mean.

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A friend knows who you are and you can always dare to be yourself with your friends. What would our lives be like without friends? We can have 485 Facebook friends, but it can never compare to have real flesh-and-blood friends. In our new social media world, will people lose the ability to make and keep friends? It’s not easy now, so I’m sure it will be harder in the future.


Friends share those special moments with you. They are there for you, as you are for them. It’s great to stay connected to old friends on social media, but it just can’t beat putting your arm around your friends and letting them know how much you care. If any of my friends happen to see these pictures, I hope you realize how much you still mean to me and that I love you all! I wish I had pictures of all the people who have meant so much to me in my life, but I hope you know I still treasure the memories even without the pictures.

But when I talk about friends, I cannot forget my best friend for the past forty-three years, and that’s my husband, Steve. Remember, I got you babe!


Thanks for stopping by. If you haven’t spoken to an old friend lately, I hope you give them a call or send them a message today.




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