I Don’t Think We’re In Kansas Anymore, Toto!



When I scroll down Facebook pages, after seeing pictures of children and grandchildren, my next favorite photos are those of friends’ pets. Sometimes when I’m feeling a little blue, those pics of beloved pets never cease to make me smile.  I’ve had friends grieve for their animals who have died, and I know friends who have gone through their own illnesses and their pets were there for them and raised their spirits. When I was suffering from empty-nest syndrome after our daughter went away to the Air Force Academy, our dog was there for me.

We had a little mangy mixed-breed dog who always looked like Toto to us. Actually, he was Toto to us. We were never in Kansas as long as we had him, and our lives never felt gray and dreary, rather always in technicolor. He was a part of our lives for a dozen years and he meant so much to us as a family, actually, he was part of our family.


Life is awesome, and our pets make our lives even more meaningful. They give us the unconditional love we hope we give to our families, but sadly, sometimes it’s easier to give this unconditional love to our pets. Our animals never judge us, they expect nothing from us, and I think more importantly, they’re never disappointed in us!



Sometimes our pets share those holidays and special milestones with us. And they react with quiet dignity when we put silly outfits on them! And where would we be without those adorable occasion cards with animals? If you are lucky enough to have a pet,  give your pet a hug today and be thankful for those wonderful memories.

I know many people have dogs who are ‘service animals’ and have been trained to help if people cannot see, hear, or even if they have some illness the pet can detect before it becomes life endangering. But in Missouri, the ‘show me’ state, this man went into a restaurant with his pet snake wrapped around his neck. Other diners were quite queasy and nervous about this pet, many diners leaving. When the man was asked to leave, he refused because he said the snake was a ‘service snake’ and kept him from getting depressed. The manager accepted his explanation, only later discovering the only legitimate ‘service animals’ are dogs. So, if you want to take your pet iguana out to lunch, I don’t think you’ll be able to call him your ‘service animal.’  http://abc13.com/pets/man-eats-lunch-with-snake-claims-its-his-service-animal/933023/

What can I say? People love their animals. I don’t know if everyone knows this, but there’s a internet cat video festival in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Curious, I looked up whether dogs have festivals, too, but apparently, they only have conferences and conventions.  I don’t know if this means cats are naturally more fun than dogs, or if dogs just take life more seriously. I think this is for the cats and dogs to sort out. All I do know for sure is that pets are a joy and a comfort to us. I envy my friends who still have pets. We had problems when we traveled, because people would  watch Toto only once, then nevermore. He was seriously one strange dog, so we could never replace him.


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2 Responses to “I Don’t Think We’re In Kansas Anymore, Toto!”

  1. JoLena says:

    Fond memories of Toto. He was a stable in Aunt Brenda,s house, her second child as we all called him. A ‘pet’ is a true family member and a blessing.

  2. brendastinnett says:

    Thank you, Jo. He did mean a lot to us. I hope you don’t remember when your mom took care of him for us once and he was such a brat, she said never again! I’m not even sure what he did–but he seemed to have the affect on everyone, even grandma and grandpa. LOL! Pets do bring us great joy, and they don’t ‘sass’ us like kids sometimes do! I’m sure you can relate. LOL! Have a great week ahead.
    Love, Aunt Brenda

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