Five Favorite Disney World Resorts–At Least My Favorite Five


I would have to say Polynesian Village Resort is my favorite of the D.W. resorts. https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/resorts/polynesian-resort/ We’ve only stayed there once about ten years ago, but they have since remodeled it, and it looks better now than it did then. Back then, we lived in California, so we got a pretty good package deal that included flight, D.W. tickets, and room. Disney’s attention to detail is incredible, and when you stay there, you feel you’re in Polynesia–very soothing. Today, they even have rooms on stilts over-looking the water, complete with thatched roofs. It’s proximity to Magic Kingdom is great, and you can travel by monorail or boat to get there. And of course, all Disney resorts have buses that take you anywhere around the park. When you stay at any Disney resort on property, you can get fast passes online sixty days in advance of your actual trip, guaranteeing you get the rides you want. The only reason we don’t stay at Polynesian now is, due to its popularity, we can never find discounts to stay there at online travel sites.

My number two favorite spot is the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sweSwKNdZzM I have to be honest and say I’ve never stayed there, but I have had a friend stay and tell me it’s great. She found a discount online for it, but we have not been so fortunate. But we have been inside the hotel, and the decor, restaurants, and shops are fantastic. It has an elegant Victorian style and there’s a piano player in the evening and also a band ensemble. At Christmas, they have a huge gingerbread house that’s pretty cool. You also have access to Magic Kingdom via monorail or boat. There are several restaurants, but my absolute favorite is Narcoosee’s on the water. If you go later in the evening, you can view the fireworks at Magic Kingdom from the restaurant. They have a filet mignon to die for–it melts in your mouth.

Number three on my list, and one I can more easily afford, thanks to discounts at travel sites, is Wilderness Lodge Resort. https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/resorts/wilderness-lodge-resort/ The hotel is Disney’s version of Yellowstone Lodge, only with much more detail and whimsy. We like to pretend we are at Yosemite when we stay there. It’s surrounded by pine trees, and even has a faux ‘Old Faithful’. Access to Magic Kingdom is via boat or bus. There are lots of grounds because you can walk to the Fort Wilderness campgrounds. They have horses and bikes to rent, also little boats, but all the resorts on the water have boats to rent. There’s a pretty bike/walking trail from the lodge to the campgrounds that’s about 2.5 miles round trip. We usually see a deer or two when we take this walk. (live ones) My favorite place at Wilderness Lodge for breakfast or lunch is The Whispering Canyon Cafe.

Number four on my list is Disney’s Yacht & Beach Club Resort. https://www.disneymeetings.com/disneyworld/yacht-and-beach-club-resort/ These hotels are on the boardwalk right outside of Epcot. It’s easy to take a boat to Epcot or Hollywood Studios. The motif on the boardwalk is New England seaside village and it’s quite pretty at night. The Yacht Club and the Beach Club are considered two hotels, but they sort of blend together, and again, the decor is cleverly done on both sides, but the Yacht Club side seems more formal. There are lots of places to eat, in the hotels, on the boardwalk, and in Epcot itself. Too many choices to choose a favorite. It is usually easier to find the Beach Club Resort discounted on travel sites. Surprisingly, you can sometimes find rooms at The Swan and The Dolphin on sale on sites. They are not technically part of Disney, but they can use the boats and buses that take you around the parks. We have stayed at the Dolphin, and they are both very elegant hotels, yet they don’t have the whimsy of the Disney hotels. They are located on the boardwalk as well, but you do have to pay for parking when you stay at The Swan or The Dolphin, whereas parking is free at the Disney World resorts.

My number five favorite resort is Animal Kingdom Lodge. https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/resorts/animal-kingdom-lodge/ This is a beautiful resort as well, very elaborately decorated and focused on details, much like Wilderness Lodge. It is another resort that is sometimes found discounted on travel sites. There are animals wandering around the resort grounds, which creates a pretty cool atmosphere, but don’t worry no lions or tigers are wandering about. LOL! This is a wonderful hotel, but I think there were two reasons it only made my number five spot. One, we got a discounted rate and I didn’t feel our room was that nice. We didn’t have a bathtub and the room was a little small. In all the other hotels, even with discounted prices, I felt like we got nice rooms. The other reason it’s number five is because the only transportation to get to any of the parks is via bus. This is fine, but I do like when we can take the boat or monorail.  My favorite restaurant to eat at is Boma’s. It is an African buffet and there’s really an unusual selection of food choices, both sweet and savory. It is probably one of our favorite places to eat at the parks.

***I’m cheating and adding one more resort, but I’ve just checked it out and not stayed at The Shades of Green Resort, but it appears to be a great resort with reasonable rates. However, it’s very specific to active or retired military families. But if you’ve previously been in the military, they have specific times you can book rooms there even if you’re not active or retired. It’s located across the road from Polynesian Village Resort and it has a golf course. http://www.militarydisneytips.com/Shades-of-Green.html  

If you’re still a kid at heart, it’s difficult not to love Disney World. But if you’re not a huge fan of the heat and humidity, the best time to come is November-April, and avoid all the holidays when and where possible. Floridians love May & October, but others might think it’s too hot then even though the humidity has generally rolled back at that time. Sometimes, the best time to come is about a week after the holidays or a week before. Of course, this is all my own opinion, and I’m sure other people might have completely different ideas on what are the best resorts, and your own judgment is what matters most. The most important point is to enjoy!!!!

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