Author, Steve Stinnett is stopping by. Yay! Check this out.



I’m excited to have Steve Stinnett stopping by today to talk about his memoir. The two top pictures are of Steve and the bottom picture is of him and his best friend, both then and now, Terry Bringham. You guys rock!


What inspired you to write your book, LIFE OF A BABY BOOMER?

It was during my last year of teaching and I thought it would be a perfect finish to my career if I could inspire others to fulfill their dreams by learning about my story.


I know in your book you talk about your experience being labeled as ‘retarded’ and having to ride on the short bus to a special class every day. What are some of the ways you coped with that stigma?

I simply ignored those words and actions other people had about me because I knew who I was and their attitude didn’t faze me. The treatment by others who thought me ‘stupid’ or ‘retarded’ made me more determined to work hard all my life in order to achieve my goals. I’m glad that people, especially children, are no longer labeled in such a negative way. Those are ugly words to use about anybody.


You also talk about the psychological abuse you suffered at the hands of your stepfather. How hard was it to write about those experiences?

I had to wait until my mother and my stepfather were dead because I still didn’t want to hurt my mother by making her relive the experiences. But then I had to write the book, hoping that I could encourage others who might have suffered psychological abuse as children.


Did you find it emotionally releasing to confront some of those issues from your childhood?

No, those feelings have always been with me and they’ve stayed with me my entire life. The wounds didn’t disappear, but my faith gave me the tools to cope with what happened during that time period. I believe it was not that uncommon within my generation to be treated harshly as a child and I was not the only one to come from a highly dysfunctional family.


In your book, you talk about how your faith in God kept you going when you got discouraged. How important is your faith in achieving your goals?

My faith is very important because it has given me the direction I need. I believe people must have faith, otherwise, they’ll end up feeling empty and searching for a purpose, even though they’ve achieved the goals they thought mattered most in life.


You share a lot of your Navy experiences when you were in Vietnam. How did those experiences affect you once you got out of the Navy?

The Navy gave me experiences in facing difficult decisions due to the learning environment involved with different cultures and society which I encountered during that time period.


Once you became a civilian, you worked as a youth counselor at the California Youth Authority. Did your previous experiences influence how you responded to those incarcerated young men?

Yes very much so, since I tended to associate with ‘troubled’ youth in my childhood I was able to accept them for who they were and not what they had done. My past experiences inspired me to help youth offenders by appreciating the difficulties they encountered and teaching them how to be better people through the use of associative behavioral conditioning.


At the end of your career, you became a history teacher in the Ceres School District. If any of your past students read your book, what would you like them to take away from it?

I would say that I’d hope they’d learn that life experiences, whether positive or negative, can help them in achieving their goals. Faith will break down the negative barriers that create roadblocks in their lives. In other words, they should do the best they can with what they have, ignore the critics, and fulfill their dreams.


Wow! Thank you for stopping by. If you would like to purchase Steve’s book, THE LIFE OF A BABY Boomer, it is at Amazon:

http://amzn.to/136UYp2  and at Barnes & Noble: http://bit.ly/18geUYV

Please feel free to leave any comments you have for Steve, and thanks for taking the time to stop by.



7 Responses to “Author, Steve Stinnett is stopping by. Yay! Check this out.”

  1. Steve – Thank you for service to our country by serving in the navy and for serving our children by being a teacher and counselor. Your memoir sounds terrific!

  2. Thanks for your kind comments. Enjoy and have a great day!


  3. Karen Lopp says:

    What a great sounding memoir. Thanks for serving our country.

  4. Steve, this sounds like such an inspiring memoir. Good luck with it and thanks for your service to our country.

  5. Becky Lower says:

    Great interview, Steve, and your memoir sounds very inspirational. While I wasn’t in the jungles of Vietnam, I had many friends who were. One of my favorite memorials in DC is the Vietnam memorial. I cry every time I’m there. Thanks for sharing your story.

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