Irish eyes should be smiling with scenery like this! Stunning!



These are the Cliffs of Moher–and if they don’t take your breath away–nothing will!


This is one of the ring forts of Ireland, which were settlements often built on the bogs for protection. In the front is the peat–ah the peat!


This was taken on our trip around the Ring of Kerry, and this will totally convince you that Ireland created all the shades of green on the earth.

My husband and I took an eighteen day bus trip (bus trip–yikes!) around Ireland. Was it worth it? This is a country who claims the only saint that allows we in the United States to get whacked out of our minds on March 17th all under the guise of acting Irish–so I would have to say–God bless the Irish! We were pleased to travel through an Irish village by the name of Adare, a happy coincidence because I have cousins with the surname of Adair. It was a beautiful, peaceful village and below is an example of a thatched roof there and a Trinitarian Abbey.

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Ireland is an amazing, mystical land and when you see it, it’s easy to see why so many writers, poets, and singers come from this country. And you can even forgive James Joyce his lack of punctuation!  Below is a picture of a 12th century Celtic cross, a picture of Blarney Castle, and yes, I kissed the Blarney Stone.

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Below are pictures of a castle we stayed in as well as a friendly dragon at the castle. The castle was a prison in the late nineteenth century and is supposed to have ghosts where the dungeon once was. Always being intrigued with the paranormal, my husband, myself, and another woman from our tour went down to the library to investigate. My husband tried to open the library door, and it wouldn’t open. The woman from the tour tried to open the door, and it still wouldn’t open. I tried to open the door, and it wouldn’t budge. Not to be deterred, we went to the concierge to see if he could unlock the room for us. He looked surprised, but willingly went down with us. Low and behold, he turned the doorknob and the door opened without a hitch. It was rather obvious that we weren’t exactly welcome to this room. We looked around the library where there were bookshelves to the ceiling on the right and a billiard table on the left, but there was a feeling to the place that made us uncomfortable and we left rather quickly. We’re intrigued with the paranormal–but we’re not crazy!

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We ended our trip to Ireland in Dublin, which is a pretty easy place to get around. Of course we went to Trinity College to see The Book of Kells, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin Castle, and most importantly, Jameson Distillery.


I think the takeaway from this trip is that Ireland is a gorgeous country well-worth visiting and the people are warm and friendly–and I don’t believe it’s just the Jameson talking. LOL! Speaking of which, below I have a recipe for Irish coffee, a drink my husband embraced while in Ireland. Me? I’m still a five-o’clock somewhere kind of girl and margaritas are still my drink-du-jour.

This is a recipe that a barkeep shared. For those over twenty-one only please!!! Irish coffee: 1 measure of Irish whiskey, 1 or 2 tsp. sugar, freshly made hot black coffee, 2-4 tsp whipped cream

Warm the Irish whiskey in microwave for 30 seconds. Pour whiskey into a warmed 7-ounce Irish Coffee glass and add sugar. Fill with hot coffee up to half an inch from the top of the glass. Stir until sugar is dissolved. Spoon whipped cream on top of hot coffee and serve! Enjoy!

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4 Responses to “Irish eyes should be smiling with scenery like this! Stunning!”

  1. Steve Stinnett says:

    me like Irish Coffee

  2. the hennessey's says:

    Nice way to wake up and see your pics–Ed & I enjoyed your company as well

  3. Brenda Stinnett says:

    Oh Dianne! We had so much fun with you guys! I still find myself laughing about some of the things we did!


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