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Book Description

Publication Date: March 17, 2013

Elizabeth Curran would move heaven and earth to cast aside the bondage of being a vampire. Turned into a vampire by her husband nearly one hundred years ago, she knows that in two months time, her fate will be sealed and she’ll no longer be able to recapture her soul. She can’t believe it’s her destiny to remain a vampire forever.

Darius Einhard, once a vampire, has been proclaimed a demon slayer by his former liege, Charlemagne. He’ll fight any battle to protect Elizabeth from the psychic vampire demons who want to use her in order to turn Charles II of England into a vampire who will serve them for eternity. These psychic vampires are demons come from the abyss of hell. They’ll use Charles’s weakness for beautiful women to entrap him into vampirism and rule the world through him.

In order for Elizabeth to recapture her soul, her forgiveness and redemption must transcend time, and she and Darius must depend on faith and love to battle evil and forever slam shut the abyss opened by the psychic vampire demons.

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